Texas Tech University Archives Photograph Collections
Arranged in alphabetical order by collection name

Basketball (Men's)

  • U 110.1 Basketball Photographs, 1925-2001: The collection consists of 75 negatives of men's basketball team group portraits taken from 1925-2001. The images were reproduced from La Ventanas, media guides and game programs. All have been scanned onto a CD-ROM as well.
  • Chancellor's Office

    • U 210.3 Chancellor's Office Photographs, 1998 and undated: This collection consists of 3 prints of members of the Board of Regents attending the 75th Anniversary Gala event in 1998; 1 group portrait taken in the courtyard of the Merket Center for the Board of Regents reunion in 1998; and 13 prints of Board of Regents members attending meetings. Pictured include Dolph Briscoe, Robert Brown, Nancy Jones, Joel Kupersmith, Ben Leeah, Carl Noe, Robert Pflugler, the Pharmacy Museum (Amarillo, Tex.), Ann Richards, Dr. David Smith, Governor Preston Smith, Lee Stafford, James Sowell, Alan White, Governor Mark White, and Edward Whiteacre.
    • U 210.4 Chancellor's Office Photographs, undated: This collection consists of 60 prints and 27 negatives of images of Chancellor John T. Montford with various people- Montford and Robert Duncan posing with a flag underneath the portrait of Governor Preston Smith; a commerical photo of the underground Capitol extension in 1993; an autographed portrait of Governor George W. Bush, Montford, and an unidentified man posing with the 1994 Texas USPS stamp; Montford, Bob Bullock, Teel Bivins, and various unidentified men in hunting gear; and Montford and a group of men on a fishing trip.

    Tommie Davis

    • Consists of 4 postcards of an aerial view of Texas Tech University and the Carol of Lights ceremony, circa 1950-1960.

    Disney, Jay C. and Doris K.

    • U 197.1 Jay C. and Doris K. Disney Collection Photographs, 1925: - The collection contains two b/w photos of First football game and the possible precursors to Saddle Tramps (?), 1925.

    Ex-Students Association

    • U 70.4 Ex-Students Association Photographs, 1942, 1989 and undated (1940s or 1950s)- This collection consist of 20 b&w prints, 24 negatives, and 30 color slides. It contains images of various early campus buildings taken from possibly the 1940s or 1950s (Holden Hall, Administration Building, Library, Chemistry, and various temporary buildings). Also includes a photo of Fern Sawyer, a famous female rodeo rider.
    • U 70.5 Ex-Students Association Photographs, circa 1984?- This collection contains 10 color negatives and 4 oversize transparencies of the Intramural Building. The image was used for the cover of the July-August 1984 issue of the Texas Techsan.
    • U 70.6 Ex-Students Association Photographs, 1960-1980 and undated- This collection of 656 slides contains a wide variety of images, including campus buildings and scenes, a football game, homecoming parade, the Midland Golf Tournament, a student protest, and numerous people. Also includes images of the University of Texas campus and activities.
    • U 70.7 Ex-Students Association Photographs, 1961-1985 and undated- This collection of 37 prints, 6 negatives and 1 contact sheet featuring a variety of individual and group portraits, and homecoming parade scenes (1961).

    Lady Raiders

    • U 206.2 Lady Raiders Photographs, 1993: The collection of two prints consists of images of the Lady Raiders following their victory at the Western Regionals in 1993. The prints were donated by Stephanie L. Edwards.
    • U 206.3 Lady Raiders Photographs, 1999: The collection of 19 negatives consists of images from the Lady Raiders Reunion group taken while they were touring the United Spirit Arena, which was still under construction.


    • U 112.1 Library Photographs, 1947-1965 and undated: This collection consists of various images of Texas Tech staff and faculty, many of which worked in the Library- Katherine Bridges, Zona Edwards, Paulie Bain Brittain, Harold Simpson, R. C. Goodwin, Ray C. Janeway, Iva Richey Beene Parks; a group portrait of unidentified men; the 1938 Texas Tech Board of Directors; and four images of people attending the 1958 Junior College Workshop at Texas Tech.
    • U 112.2 Library Photographs, 1974-2001 and undated: This collection consists of six images of the Library staff and facilities, one image of the Library Addition under construction in 1974, and one image of the Cluff family attending a retirement party for Library Dean Cluff in 2001. Pictured include Ken Ketner, Ken, Carol Joiner and Sharon Kohout.
    • U 112.17 Library Photographs, 1940s and undated: This collection consists of nineteen prints and 18 negatives of groups of individuals, building structures, and ceremonies relating to the Texas Tech University Library. An artificial collection, the images were reproduced in 1997 from the Heritage Club collection and from the 1940s La Ventanas.
    • U 112.18 Library Photographs, July 1987 : This collection consists of 72 color slides of the interior of the Texas Tech University Library and members of its staff and administration.
    • U 112.19 Library Photographs, 1999: Taken by Robert Suddarth Photography, this collection consists of 5 prints of the newly renovated interior of the Texas Tech University Library, including Government Documents, the Fifth Floor stacks, and one of the TLTC computer lab.
    • U 112.20 Library Photographs, 1995? : Taken by Pamela Cooper, these 4 color prints are of the presentation of a bicycle to Ed Brousard, who worked for Library Development. Brousard's car had been broken into and a collection was taken up to buy him the bicycle. Also includes a newspaper clipping on Cooper's death. All donated by Bruce Cammack.
    • U 112.22 Library Photographs, 1990s : Included in the collection are 23 negatives, 19 contact sheets, and 59 prints. The images are of Library staff and administration; Texas Tech Library's induction into ARL; dedication and groundbreaking of the Southwest Collection/Special Collection's building; and author David McCullough signing books.

    Library External Relations and Outreach

    • U 275.1 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 2001: The collection of 50 color negatives and 32 color prints consists of various images of Library staff, office space, and Tina Fuentes's art work. Pictured are D'Ann Harmon, David Marshall, Brian Quinn, Jan Kemp, Dawn Dockter, Greg Nelson, Richard Kyle, Carol Roberts, Liz Applin, Sarah Tollett, Amy Chang, Steve Bogener, and Donald Dyal.
    • U 275.2 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, April 27, 2001: The collection of 16 color prints of document Arbor Day planting activities. Included are images of the Will Rogers Statue wrapped in black crepe paper, the Masked Rider on horseback, Chancellor John Montford at the podium, the releasing of red and black balloons, and group portraits of Library staff participating in the planting activities.
    • U 275.3 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, May 14, 2001: The collection of 11 color prints consist of staff in a style show showing off shirts and jerseys with the Library logo. Pictured are Robin Bray, Peter Kargbo, Jo Ann Altman, Lisa Gonzales, David Marshall, and Donell Callender.
    • U 275.4 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, February, 2002: The collection of 39 black & white prints consist of candids of the Men's Basketball team for an ESPN photo shoot.
    • U 275.5 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 2001: The collection consists of images from various Library activities. 14 color prints show Library staff- Adrian Levya, Eric Law, Dawn Dockter, Scott Devine, Amy Chang, Jan Kemp, and Myra Brown- participating in the "Raising a Reader Book Festival" event at Mahon Public Library on May 5, 2001. 4 color prints are of a Preston Smith exhibit on May 5, 2001. The last set are of 3 prints of the first Story Hour on May 5, 2001, and 21 color prints showing Jake Syma and Myra Brown reading to a crowd for Children's Story Hour on August 2001.
    • U 275.6 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 2001: The collection of 100 color prints documenting the activities of the Library Gala, including attendees and singers. Pictured include Myra Brown, Scott Devine, D'Ann Harmon, Dale Cluff, John Montford, Don Haragan, Idris Traylor, David Schmidly, David Marshall, H. B. Paksoy, and Karen Knight.
    • U 275.7 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 1997-1999 and undated: The collection of 46 color prints consist of interior and exterior views of the Library after its renovation (1999), interior and exterior views of the Southwest Collection building (August 27, 1997 and undated), and exterior views of the International Cultural Center (undated).
    • U 275.8 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, May 9, 1997: The collection of 96 color prints consists of images taken when Texas First Lady Laura Bush came to the Southwest Collection to rededicate the Coronelli Globe. Tech Regent James Sowell contributed the funds to help restore the globe and have a stand and enclosed built for the globe. The globe was rededicated in Mrs. Bush's honor. Several of the images are close ups of the globe. Persons attending the event included Mrs. Bush, James Sowell, Bruce Cammack, Grover Murray, and Dale Cluff.
    • U 275.9 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 2001: The collection of 10 color prints and 10 color negatives showing the Library's logo on a white van and furniture in the Architecture Library.
    • U 275.10 Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 1995-1996: The collection of 171 color prints and 198 color negatives document the construction of the Southwest Collection building from 1995-1996.

    Masked Rider

    • U 114.2 Masked Rider Photographs, 1955-1978 and undated: The collection consists of 12 prints and 3 negatives of various persons on horseback dressed as the university's mascot, the Masked Rider. Pictured include Jim Cloyd, Bill Durfey, Joe Kirk Fulton, Nubbin Hollar, Lee W. Puckitt, and J. H. "Hud" Rhea.
    • U 114.3 Masked Rider Photographs, 1953-1999 and undated: The collection of 256 prints, 28 slides, and 1 contact sheet consists of images of various persons on horseback dressed as the university's mascot, the Masked Rider. Several of the images were taken during university football games, and on one occassion comedian Bob Hope posed with one of the mascots. Also includes various university administrators and the assistants to the mascots. Pictured include Dusty Abney, Jennifer Aufill, Larry Cade, Johnny Bob Carruth, Perry Joe Church, Joe Kirk Fulton, Lisa Gilbreath, Kurt Harris, Bob Hope, Ralynn Key, Blaine Lemons, Anne Lynch, Tommy Martin, Becky McDougal, Kim Saunders, Jolynn Self, Amy Smart, Tonya Tinnin, Jess Wall, and Douglas "Dink" Wilson.
    • U 114.4 Masked Rider Photographs, 1980s: The collection consists of 43 images of a reception for an exhibit on the Masked Rider program at Texas Tech University. The Southwest Collection built the exhibit and held the reception at the University Center. Pictured include Lauro F. Cavazos.
    • U 114.5 Masked Rider Photographs, undated: This collection consists of 2 b/w prints and 1 color slide of the Masked Rider riding on the playing field. Two of the photos were take during a football game.
    • See also the Red Raider Retrospective, 1925- collection

    Plant and Soil Sciences

    • U 146.1 Plant and Soil Sciences Photographs, 1935-1969: The collection of 32 prints consists of various images of people who have won awards. Included are the Crops Judging team (1935, 1951, 1954-1969), an awards banquet in Kansas City (1948), the Crops team members (1948, 1950), Grain judging team (1951), individual crops competition winners (1953, 1957, 1962, 1965-66), and the National Grain Sorghum Show judge (1958). People pictured include Cecil Ayers, Rex Johnson, Bill Starnes, and Arthur W. Young.
    • S 567-E1, E3-E5 George Tereshkovich Collection: 6 prints of the installation of the University Greenhouses (1973); 39 color slides of the Dairy Barn and Silo (1982-1983); and 12 color slides of Agronomy Farm and related plant plots west of Flint Avenue and the area between the west wing of the Library and the Agriculture Building (1953-1968).

    President's Office

    • U 147.26 President's Office Photograph Collection, 1923-1950 and undated: The collection is comprised of 58 photographs and 1 negative. Included are photos of various Texas Tech early administrators (many of these images appear in the First Thirty Years book), military corps marching around campus as well as individual WWII soldiers, group choir portraits and an aerial view of the campus.
    • U 147.41 President's Office Photographs, 1986-1991 and undated: The collection consists of 3 color slides, 92 prints, and 2 transparencies. It includes a variety of images, such as photos of candidates applying to join the President’s Hostesses group; the Playhouse Donation Ceremony (1989); the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship Luncheon (1991); an aerial view; the El Pomar Center in Colorado bid for the Big 12 Conference headquarters (1995); various research facilities; asbestos projects in Tech campus buildings (1993); Operation Senorita (1970); GM competition (1989); Graduation ceremonies (1988); transparencies of charts of all accounts (1980); Sept. Breakfast Club Meeting (1992); the president cutting a basketball hoop at a game (1993); President Lawless presenting Mirabeau B. Lamar medal (1993); a PETA protest sign (1989-90); and various portraits. Terms in office for the various administrations represented in this collection are: Dr. Grover E. Murray (1766-1976), Dr. Cecil Mackey (1976-1979), Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos (1980-1988), Dr. Robert W. Lawless (1989-1996), and interim President Beth Haley (1988).
    • U 147.42 President's Office Photographs, 1976? The collection consists of 55 slides of Texas Tech University president Lauro F. Cavazos being presented with the presidential plaque to be installed in the sally port of the Administration Building and the reception that follows. People pictured include E. Dale Cluff, Henry Crawford, Robert Lawless, and David Murrah.

    Public Information, Department of
    The Department of Public Information, later called the Office of University News and Publications and more recently the Office of Communications and Marketing, handled publicity and presses releases for Texas Tech University. It also gathered news clippings and media information published on Texas Tech by outside entities.

    Ranching Heritage Center

    • U 151.2 Ranching Heritage Center Photographs, 1917-1988: This collection of 118 prints, 26 negatives, and 2 slides contains images of activities on the Ranching Heritage Center compound, the various ranch building and their interiors, members of the Ranching Heritage Association, activities related to the National Western Artists Show and Sales, people wearing historic costumes, the old Arnett Ranch Headquarters building, a slave cabin, Spring Lake Ranch, and Will Rogers. Also includes two damaged, mounted images- one is of Geo. Turner holding a team of horses next to oil derricks that were close to the Bickley Farm north of Electra, Texas in 1917 The second image is of a group of children posed beside a school in Clara, Texas in 1920. Pictured include the 6666 Barn; Dr. Len Ainsworth, Ninia Bivins; Alton Brazell; Clay County Jail (Clay County, Tex.); Cattle; Chuckwagons; Clara (Tex.); Cowboys; Electra (Tex.); Ewing Halsell; Hogs; Fran Holden; Horses; Longhorn Cattle; Jiggs Mann; Dr. Grover E. Murray; Montie Ritchie; Geo Turner; and windmills.
    • U 151.3 Ranching Heritage Center Photographs, undated: The collection consists of two prints. One is a woman’s portrait labelled "Edwards, T Bar Ranch, Tahoka, undated". The second is an undated color aerial of the Texas Tech University campus. Transferred to UA Oversize Photos Box B.

    Red Raider Club

    • U 279.1 Red Raider Club Photographs, 1956-1991: The collection consists of 90 prints documenting various activities of the Red Raider Club, Executive Committee membership, and people who attended sponsored activities. Events pictured include Red Cup Golf Matches (1976-1984); All Sports Banquets and individual photos of TTU athletes; Steer of the Year (1973-1974);and Red Raider Club vehicles. Also included is an embroidered Masked Rider logo on cloth. People pictured include Tom Britton, Jerry Burleson, Gary W. Hanson, Gene Murrell, Arlen Wesley, Alan White, and two drawings of football players Don Gray and Vic Spooner.

    Red Raider Retrospective, 1925- historical images of the Texas Tech campus, student life, faculty, and campus activities that have been pulled together from various collections.

    Seale, Dan

    • U 424.1 Dan Seale Photographs, 1946-1947: The collection consists of 27 black and white photographs of the stadium for the Rose Bowl (2 images), Texas Tech pep rally in front of the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas in the fall of 1947 (7 images), the 1947 Texas Tech homecoming parade for the TTC versus Baylor (10 images), Jones Stadium on fire while under construction (5 images), a TTC pep ralley on Broadway and College Avenues (2 images), and a dormitory decorated with banners for the football game against the bears.

    Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library Photographs

    • U 426.1 Abel Ramirez Photograph Collection, 1994-1996 : This 70 print and 74 negative collection consists of images the site and surrounding buildings for the new Southwest Collection Building before and during construction.

    University Daily

    University News and Publications

    University Theatre

    • U 187.1 University Theatre Photographs, undated: The collection of 7 prints consists of images of cast members performing scenes from plays such as "Dance of the Maypole," fencing, and dressed in costumes such as vampires.
    • U 187.2 University Theatre Photographs, 1958-1973 and undated: The collection of 50 prints consists of images of various theatrical productions, costumes, and cast members. Productions include 6 Characters in Search of an Author, The Chalk Garden, The House of Bernarda Alba, Mary Stuart, and The Show-Off.
    • U 187.4 University Theatre Photographs, 1943-1997: This 2 box collection contains photographs from various theatrical productions, costumes, and cast members.
    • U 187.7 University Theatre Photographs, 1923-1976: The collection consists of 297color slides depicting various theatre personalities and events. Productions include Everything in the Garden, The Bacchae, Lower Depths, Country Wife, Tartuffe, Tobacco Road, A Doll's House, Indians, A Street Car Named Desire, Man and Superman, Electra, and various playbills. About a third of the slides consist of images of Harley Sadler and tents shows.
    • U 187.8 University Theatre Slides, undated: The collection consists of 3 slide sets donated in 2005 by professor Clifford Ashby. Slide sets #1 and 2 relate to images of Harley Sadler and Tent Shows; and Slide set #3 relate to Texas Tech theater productions (1961-1973) and actors.

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