Texas Tech University Archives Photograph Collections
Arranged in alphabetical order by collection name

Academic Affairs

  • U 1.5 Academic Affairs Photographs, 1975 and undated:  This collection of 17 prints consists of images of cats, dogs, two wounded dogs, an photo of Dr. Glen C. Law, a photo of Dr. Earnest F. Gloyna, and a group of people posing with a Libraries poster at a reception.
  • U 1.6 Academic Affairs Photographs, 1968 and undated:  This collection of 58 prints includes images of an archaeological dig in Lamb County, Texas; three individual portraits; an old grain silo; an old barn; and aerial views of the university. Also includes images of the NCATE-TEA Evaluation Team from 1963, and equipment from the Physics Department.

Adult Education

  • U 3.1 Adult Education Photographs, undated:  The collection consists of three images of African-Americans attending the Annual General Meeting of the Credit Union and a short course in Home Improvement.

Agriculture, School of

  • U 7.2 Agricultural School Photographs, 1938-1939 undated:  The collection of 23 prints contains various images pertaining to the Agricultural School's students and activities. Included are a map depicting from which counties Tech Agricultural students reside (1938-39); numberous buildings such as the Administration, Engineering, Holden Hall, the Dairy Barn, and the Beef Barn; students in the Dairy Manufacturing lab, the Creamery, the Farm Shops, and the Meat Labs; some equipment of the Plant Industry Dept.; a F.F.A chicken judging contest; feeder steers; and a meeting of the Vocational Agriculture Teachers.
  • U 7.4 Agricultural School Photographs, 1941-1955 undated:  The collection of 209 prints and 14 negatives contains images pertaining to the "1952 Feeders' Day", the "1955 Feeders' Day", Miscellaneous Cattle in pens, "Stocker Steers 1942-1943", Miscellaneous Carcasses, "Two Roomies of 1914 Vintage", and miscellaneous photos of cattle and people.
  • U 7.6 Agricultural School Photographs, 1928-1938 and undated:  This collection contains two negatives of an aerial view of the Dairy Barn and campus; one print of the Tech Farms which shows a man in a field with sheep grazing in the foreground; and a print of Dr. Paul H. Carlson posing with an unidentified man and a ram.  Dr. Carlson wrote a book on titled Texas woollybacks: the range sheep and goat industry.
  • U 8.1 Agricultural School Photographs, 1939-1966 and undated:  This collection of 300 prints, 39 negatives and 419 slide images pertaining to the Texas Tech Research Farm (PanTech) at Pantex, TX, and the Killgore Beef Cattle Center. Other images include brush control, playa lake research, and student and chairman search photos. Also represented are the agronomy, entomology, range management, and park administration departments. Of interest are photos from the Good Neighbor Project with Mexico during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Other images include the "Senior Breakfast", scholarship recipients, and Water Resources Institute. People pictured include Ray Chappelle, John E. Dixon, James C. Hillier, Neil Sperry, Gerald W. Thomas, and W. L. Ulich.
  • U 8.10 Agricultural School Photographs, 1985-1993 and undated:  The collection of 14 prints includes images of the 1985 Livestock Judging Team Intenationals Champions (TTU); winners of the Charles C. Thompson Professorship in Agricultural Finance (1991); Dairy Barn Ceremony (1992); winners of the 1987, 1988, 1991, and 1993 Distinguished Alumnus Award; winners of the Outstanding Agriculturalists (1992, 1993); and the 61st Annual Pig Roast (1988). SWCPC 566-E1 Ava & Cliff Barr Collection: 71 prints of W. L. Stangel, who was Dean of the School of Agriculture, and historical images of the school's activities and people.

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

  • U 12.1 Agricultural Sciences Photographs, 1976-1984:  This collection contains 55 prints, 19 negatives and 2 contact sheets. The images consists of candids of people working in the fields and harvested fruits and vegetables for the Durango Project (1978); F. P. King and Son Seed Breeder's crops (1976); commencement (1980-1982); Homecoming Breakfast (1983); and numerous images of people, most labeled as Gerald Thomas Outstanding Agriculturalist (1979-1984).  Persons identified include George Babcock, Lyndon Fenton, W. S. "Bill" Heatley, Jack Hightower, T. L. Leach, Don H. Marble, Sarah E. McGaughey, Robert E. Pfluger, Senator Bill Sarpalius, and Ranell Scott.
  • U 214.1 Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Photographs, undated:  This collection contains 43 prints from the Texas Tech Agriculture Department of Ranching and Agricultural Sciences, such as farm life (animals and equipment), people, the Tech campus and recreational scenes.  Included are the Administration Building, cattle, horses, irrigation, machinery, Mackenzie State Park, the Texas Tech Seal, sheep, James Strickland, tractors, and welding.
  • U 214.4 Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Photographs, 1949-1950 and undated:  This collection of 71 prints consists of miscellaneous images, including people attending banquets, people performing as the Aggie Club Entertainers, Miss Lubbock (1949), South Plains Cotton Queens, and images of the Texas Tech University campus buildings and construction. The 23 oversize images consist of one mounted print of a greenhouse and pages from a scrapbook, and are located in UA Photo Oversize box B.  People pictured include Jane Armstrong, Barnes, Buddy Barnes, J. B. Cooper, Dan Doss, George Mahon, Milford Meadows, W. L. Stangle, W. A. Tinney, President D. M. Wiggins, and Dr. A. W. Young.

Alpha Phi Omega

  • U 15.1 Alpha Phi Omega Photographs, 1945-1992 and undated:  This collection of 737 photographs contains images of the organizations social events and community work.  Included are images of Active Retreats 1/30/87, 1988; Adopt-a-City, Hale Center 3/7/87; Advisor/Active Bowl-off 3/1/87; All-University Mixer 2/17/87; Blood Drive; Bowling, 1/23/87, 1988; Car Wash; Copper Caboose 2/13/87; Fall Smoker, 1982; Food Bank 2/28/87; Going Away Party- David Miller 1988; Guadeloupe House Project 2/14/87; Homecoming 1982; Jungle Sigs Parties 1982, 1988; Kidnap Breakfast at the Kettle 2/28/87; Kiwanis Camp, Fall 1982; Little Brother/Big Brother Picnic 1988 and 4/92; Lubbock State School 1992; Meetings; National Conventions; Pajama Party 1988; Picnic at the Rec Center 2/28/87; Pledge Retreat at Camp Post 2/13/87; Program Sales 1982; Prospective Pledge Project- Scout Service Center 2/7/87; Ranching Heritage Center 1988; School House Dedication; Scouting; Second Annual Olympics 1988; Sectionals 1988; Semi-Formal Rush 1988; Signature Parties; Steak Fry, Fall 1982; and Volleyball Intramurals, 1982, 1988.

Angel Flight

  • U 18.1 Angel Flight Photographs, 1961:  This collection, consisting of 52 prints and 46 negatives, contains group and composite portraits of the Texas Tech  Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society organizations.  Images concern Air Force Field Day, Baylor University Drill Competition (1961), Trip to U. S. A. F. Academy (1961), and U. S. Armed Forces Commissioning Ceremony (1973).
  • U 18.2 Angel Flight Photographs, 1973-1976, 1980-83:  This collection contains eight group and composite portraits of the Texas Tech Angel Flight organizations.  The 1975 composite is missing some of the images.

Animal Husbandry

  • U 19.6 Animal Husbandry Photographs, undated:  This collection consists of one image of Stanley E. Anderson, Associate Professor of Animal Husbandry.

Arnold Air Society

  • U 117.1 Arnold Air Society Photographs, 1974-1977 and 1983-1985:  This collection of 7 oversized group and composite portraits of the Texas Tech Arnold Air Society organizations.

Block and Bridle Club

  • U 211.1 Block and Bridle Club Photographs, 1937-1974 and undated:  This collection consists of 219 prints of various people involved in Block and Bridle club activities, as well as images of the Tech campus and activities such as rodeos. The images were taken out of Annual Reports as they had become loose and were falling out of the reports.  Included are images of campus buildings such as the Dairy Barn, bull riding, cattle, dances, people gambling, hogs, horses, Little International All University Livestock Show and Judging Contest, Meat Judging Teams, meat sales, milking parlor, musicians, parades, sheep, sheep judging, and trophies.  Persons pictured are Ray, Burkhart, Cecil Horne, W. L. Stangel, and Palmer Willis. Some of the images in this collection have been digitized and are viewable here.

Board of Regents

  • U 30.10 Board of Regents Photographs, circa 1930-1993 and undated:  This collection consists of five black and white portraits- Horn Professor Dr. Soon Song, Texas Tech President Edward Newton Jones, Cal Farley, and George W. Dupree; one group photo of the Board of Directors from 1954?, one group photo of Board of Regent members from an unspecified year, and 3 color slides of the building model of new Texas Tech University Library building.
  • U 30.16 Board of Regents Photographs, circa 1980s:  This collection consists of 181 color slides of Texas Tech Board of Regent members, and various images relating to the university's campus and history.  Included are Alvin Allison, John E. Birdwell, J. Fred Bucy, Amon Carter, Lauro F. Cavazos, Nathan C. Galloway, Clint Formby, Rex Fuller, Roy K. Furr, Joe Pevehouse, Anne Phillip, James L. Snyder, Spenser Wells.
  • U 30.17 Board of Regents Photographs, circa 1980s:  This collection consists of 14 black and white portraits of various former Board of Regent members that were inside an envelope labeled “Former Chairmen of the Board of Regents, 12-15-80”.  Included are J. Fred Bucy, Charles C. Thompson, Roy Furr, Manuel Debusk, Clint Formby, J. Edd McLaughlin, Reytha R. Martin, C. I. Wall, Frank Junell, Judson F. Williams, Bill E. Collins, James M. West, Joe T. Sneed, and W. D. Watkins.
  • U 30.18 Board of Regents Photographs, circa 1980s:  This collection consists of three black and white portraits and eight negatives of various former Board of Regent members.  Many of the group pictures were taken from the La Ventana.  Included are  James M. West, Wright Armstrong and the 1945 Administrative Council.

Brown's Photograph Studio (Lubbock, Texas)

  • Consists of 774 prints of Texas Technological College from 1930-1934. The Studio operated in Lubbock from the 1920s to the 1950s. Although the collection is primarily portraits, there are many images of events held at the college. Some of the images in this collection have been digitized and are viewable here.

Buildings- Miscellaneous

  • U 212.1 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, circa 1925:  This 2 print collection consists of images of Texas Technological College's Administration Building, circa 1925. Donated by Sharlene Formby Rhoads.
  • U 212.2 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, undated:  This collection consists of 4 prints of Texas Technological College Library Reserve Reading room area in the Administration Building. Donated by Erma Jean of Abilene Christian University.  The Texas Tech Library used to be located at the Administration Building's west wing during the 1920s to the 1930s.
  • U 212.3 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, circa 1925:  This collection consists of an early photo of the Texas Technological College Administration and Human Sciences Buildings. Donated by Tommy Sellers.
  • U 212.4 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, circa 1920s:  This collection consists of seven early photos of the Texas Technological College buildings, including the Administration, the Chemistry, and Engineering buildings. Donated by Hal and Jean Stockton, through courtesy of Marsha Gustafson.
  • U 212.5 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, 1998:  This collection consists of 19 color slides consists of images of the Dairy Barn from various angles.
  • U 212.6 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, 1947:  This collection of 63 prints and 4 negatives consist of images of the 1947 construction of University's Jones Stadium. The photos were taken by Jim Dallas of Lubbock, Texas, for the Oldt-Midwest Company, a contractor on the project. James Burville Nanney, a relative of the donor, had acquired the photos while he was working on the stadium's construction.
  • U 212.7 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, circa 1925-1992 and undated:  This collection of 9 negatives and 12 prints consists of various images of campus buildings, including numerous aerial views.
  • U 212.8 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, undated:  Donated by Professor George Tereshkovich, this collection contains three color postcards, each depicting a building on the Texas Tech campus. Shown are the Municipal Auditorium, the Library, and the Administration buildings.
  • U 212.9 Buildings- Miscellaneous Photographs, undated:  Two aerial prints of the Texas Tech University and unidentified campus construction.

Chancellor's Office

  • U 210.3 Chancellor's Office Photographs, 1998 and undated- This collection consists of 3 prints of members of the Board of Regents attending the 75th Anniversary Gala event in 1998; 1 group portrait taken in the courtyard of the Merket Center for the Board of Regents reunion in 1998; and 13 prints of Board of Regents members attending meetings.  Pictured include Dolph Briscoe, Robert Brown, Nancy Jones, Joel Kupersmith, Ben Leeah, Carl Noe, Robert Pflugler, the Pharmacy Museum (Amarillo, Tex.), Ann Richards, Dr. David Smith, Governor Preston Smith, Lee Stafford, James Sowell, Alan White, Governor Mark White, and Edward Whiteacre.
  • U 210.4 Chancellor's Office Photographs, undated- This collection consists of 60 prints and 27 negatives of images of Chancellor John T. Montford with various people- Montford and Robert Duncan posing with a flag underneath the portrait of Governor Preston Smith; a commerical photo of the underground Capitol extension in 1993; an autographed portrait of Governor George W. Bush, Montford, and an unidentified man posing with the 1994 Texas USPS stamp; Montford, Bob Bullock, Teel Bivins, and various unidentified men in hunting gear; and Montford and a group of men on a fishing trip.

Chemistry, Department of

  • U 42.2 Department of Chemistry Photographs, 1951 and undated- This collection contains four portraits of three individuals, one of which is Richard Sloan Hufsteadler, and a picture of a young lady seated at a large computer terminal.
  • U 42.3 Department of Chemistry Photographs, 1940-1958- This collection contains 88 prints and 78 negatives of group portraits of chemistry students, courtesy of chemistry professor Clinton McPerson.

Civil Engineering

  • U 205.2 Civil Engineering- Water Photographs, 1966- This collection consists of one print of three men- James R. Gattis, James L. Kindred and Guy Stricklin, Jr.
  • U 205.1 Civil Engineering- Wind Photographs, 1966- This collection consists of four images of metal piping and Mitchell Reservior.
  • U 205.3 Civil Engineering Photographs, 1985 and undated- This collection consists of nine images of still lifes of lab equipment and one group portrait of 14 men, identified as J. R. Bailey, C. V. G. Vallabhan, J. W. Reed, W. P. Vann, C. Overbeck, M. L. Smith, J. E. Minor, W. K. Wray, H. S. Norville, K. Hill, J. Westlake, T. Froemming, J. Collins, and J. Baeker.

Communications and Marketing

Contracting and Risk Management

  • U 213.1 Contracting and Risk Management Photographs, 1970- This collection consists of a print showing damage to the north wing of the Home Economics building due to the 1970 Lubbock Tornado.  Also includes eleven photocopies of images showning other tornado damage to the Tech campus.

Crosbyton Solar Power Project

  • U 53.2 Crosbyton Solar Power Project Photographs, 1962-1980s and undated- This collection contains 5 contact sheets; 939 negatives; 1 transparency; 969 prints; and 1,548 slides.  It consists of images which pertain to the construction, operation, and dismantling of the Crosbyton Solar Power Project. Some of the images in the collection are now being digitized. To view the images, go here.

Dairy Barn

  • U 55.2 Dairy Barn Photographs, 1931 and undated- Loaned for copying by Raleigh C. Middleton were 6 negatives and two prints of Mr. Middleton posing with a prize winning cow in front of the Dairy Barn in 1931.  Also included, but not from Mr. Middleton, are two other undated images of the Dairy Barn's exterior and an interior view of cattle feed in the loft.

Tommie Davis

  • Consists of 4 postcards of an aerial view of Texas Tech University and the Carol of Lights ceremony, circa 1950-1960.

Dean of Students

  • U 9.2 Dean of Students Photographs, undated- The collection contains thirteen miscellaneous images of students posing in academic settings, various campus brochures, and a group Christmas portrait of the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Disney, Jay C. and Doris K.

  • U 197.1 Jay C. and Doris K. Disney Collection Photographs, 1925- The collection contains two b/w photos of First football game and the possible precursors to Saddle Tramps (?), 1925.

Electrical Engineering

  • U 66.2 Electrical Engineering Photographs, 1937-1959 and undated- This collection of 280 prints consists of images of Marvin "P. J." Minter, his family, and his trains. The images cover a wide variety of subjects, including Texas Technological College, Tech parades, Minter's train shop, woman posing in bathing suits, bathers at the beach, a squirrel, people picnicing, golfers, G. E. Fort Wayne Works staff, a cabin at Pine Lake, Percy Storm and His Southern Melody Boys band (Sulphur Springs, Tex.), and scenes of snow and flooded streets. Also included are 1940's images of the Indianapolis races (possibly 1937?), Chicago, the Field Museum, and a Wrigley Field ball game of the Chicago Cubs versus Brooklyn Dodgers.

Engineering, College of

  • U 218.1 College of Engineering Photographs, 1927, 1946 and undated- This collection of six prints consists of images of students and faculty members of the College of Engineering between 1927-1946 and undated. Identified persons include Lewis Stephen Grandy, Harold Lyman Kipp, M. Farris, the senior class of 1946, the graduate class of 1946, and another senior class of the 1940s.
  • U 68.1 Engineering College Photographs, 1967-1977 and undated- This collection of 92 prints includes images of people exercising; environmental technology equipment; people posing for group portraits; members of the Industrial Advisory Board; a tour of the Textile Research Center; members of the Ranch Headquarters Association and a book signing there (1967-77); members of the Solar Energy Project (1976-77); people at the International Textile Symposium (1969); portraits of professors from the Engineering College; an image of the early Tech Bookstore near the Broadway entrance (circa 1926-1929); Engineers' Club of Dallas Banquet (1962-1972); and images for Research Day. Pictured include John R. Bradford, Roy B. Davis, Thomas M. Hill, Jean A. Jenkins, Dr. Grover Murray, and Dr. James L. Youngblood.

Engineering Services

  • U 217.1 Engineering Services Photographs, undated- This collection of 8 oversized prints consists of images of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, ranching and farming scenes, as well as other parts of Texas and New Mexico.  Included are Braniff Airways, Hi-D-Ho Restaurant (Lubbock, Tex.), and Lubbock Body Work. These prints are copies of materials sent to Engineering Services by the Southwest Collection for processing for patrons. Courtesy of Woody Rains. They are located in UA Oversize Photos Box A.
  • U 217.2 Engineering Services Photographs, 1978-1981 and undated- This collection has 782 prints, 916 negatives, and 473 slides.  It consists largely of images from various Texas Tech football games. Also included are pictures of the university band, aerial views of Lubbock, views of the Crosbyton Solar Power Project dish in Crosbyton, Texas, and a 1979 Texas Tech Basketball game.

Executive Vice-President and Provost

  • U 228.1 Executive Vice-President and Provost Photographs, 1980-1988 and undated- This collection consists 1 slide, 1 contact sheet, 4 negatives, and 70 prints of miscellaneous photos found in the Executive Vice-President and Provost manuscript collection. Images include PATSCU representatives at the 1980 San Antonio meeting; miscellaneous building signs; campus views of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Dr. Fred Bryant being awarded the Agricultural Sciences Outstanding Researcher Award for 1985; grounds maintenance work on campus; hogs; awarding of the Petroleum Grant by Meridian Oil in 1988; recipients of the Top Techsan Awards in 1986; and various telephone poles and lines.

Ex-Students Association

  • U 70.4 Ex-Students Association Photographs, 1942, 1989 and undated (1940s or 1950s)- This collection consist of 20 b&w prints, 24 negatives, and 30 color slides.   It contains images of various campus buildings of early Texas Technological College from possibly the 1940s or 1950s. Also includes a photo of Fern Sawyer, a famous female rodeo rider.
  • U 70.5 Ex-Students Association Photographs, circa 1984?- This collection contains 10 color negatives and 4 oversize transparencies of the Intramural Building.  The image was used for the cover of the July-August 1984 issue of the Texas Techsan.
  • U 70.6 Ex-Students Association Photographs, 1960-1980 and undated- This collection of 659 slides contains a wide variety of images, including campus buildings and scenes, a football game, the Midland Golf Tournament, a parade, a student protest, and numerous people. Also includes images of the University of Texas campus and activities.

Facilities Planning and Construction

  • U 156.1 Facilities Planning and Construction Photographs, circa 1930s-1970s and undated- This collection of 29 items consists of oversized images of Texas Tech Campus buildings.  Included are nineteen aeial photos of the campus (July 1959 and undated); two renderings of the Dorm and Dining Facilities for Men; two images of dorm room interiors (1958); the Men's Dorm under construction (1957); six images of the Farm Residence Buildings; a color rendering of the recreational center (undated); and a pencil drawing of the Business Administration building (undated).  The two mounted images of the dorm room interiors is located in Oversize 8.19; the rest of the images are located in UA Oversize Photos Box C.

Faculty  [see also the faculty files in Institutional Research and Information Management collection]

  • U 72.3 Faculty Photographs, 1948-1960- This collection contains 474 negatives and 161 prints of various photos of Texas Tech faculty members that were taken by Koen Studio. The studio had been a long-time photographic business in Lubbock, Texas and was located on Broadway. Koen photographed students, staff and faculty for the Texas Tech yearbook, La Ventana.  Pictured include Dr. Vivian J. Adams, Louise C. Allen, Albert Barnett, Nolan E. Barrick, Mrs. John H. Baumgardner, Mrs. Paul L. Beitler, Dr. J. W. Bennett, John Bryant, C. V. Bullen, Major Melvin Burnett, O. C. Southall, Miss S. Callan, John S. Carroll, R. L. Chappelle, W. P. Clement, Evelyn Clewell, Tom Copeland, J. C. Cross, Dr. Mary Dabney, J. William Davis, Joe Dennis, John C. Dowling, W. L. Ducker, J. S. Dwyer, C. D. Eaves, Mrs. Ludie Eaves, Mabel Erwin, N. C. Fine, R. K. Flege,  William R. Geisert, Gustav E. Giesecke, Col. H. L. Green, Harding, Warren G. Harding, Emmett Hazelwood, George Heather, J. R. Heitman, Gene Hemmle, D. E. Holcomb, William Curry Holden, Bill Holmes, Nancy Innis, R. C. Janeway, Dr. E. N. Jones, Bob Kellogg, R. W. Kireilis, F. A. Kleinschmidt, Mina W. Lamb, P. M. Larson, John W. Linsay, J. H. Milikin, J. N. Mitchie, F. L. Mize, R. C. Mowery, Dr. J. H. Murdough, K. L. Neeley, Majorie Neely, L. E. Parsons, W. M. Pearce, Marshall L. Pennington, Major Victor B. Penuel, Milton Peoples, Florence Phillips, J. E. Platz, Martye Poindexter, J. W. Posey, L. J. Powers, C. B. Qualia, Arne Randall, Polk Robinson, Reginald Rushing, C. C. Schmidt, Shirley Schultz, W. D. Scott, Dr. Gene Shelden, Bud Sherrod, Raymond Sidwell, Dr. P. G. Stensland, Haskell Taylor, Dean Willa V. Tinsley, Col. O. Turner, E. J. Urbanovsky, Mary Jean van Appledorn, Harry S. Walker, Wade Walker, Dr. Morris S. Wallace, T. F. Weisen, Landon Westbrook, Ira L. Williams, J. J. Willingham, J. Roy Wells, A. W. Young, and M. J. Zablotny. Several of these have been digitized and can be viewed in our digital collection called "Texas Tech People."
  • U 72.4 Faculty Photographs, 1959- This collection of two negatives are reprints from the 1959 La Ventana of George Heather, Dean of Business Administration.
  • See also U 236.1 Photographic Services Portrait Collection: This 2 boxes collection contains individual portraits of faculty, administrators and staff of Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Goforth, Flora

  • U 242.1 Flora Goforth Photographs, undated- The collection contains 64 prints and 63 negatives of Goforth's archaeological expedition to New Mexico with William Curry Holden in the early 1930s, some family photos, and photos from the funeral of a classmate who was killed in a motorcycle accident while attending Texas Technological College.
  • U 242.2 Flora Goforth Photographs, undated- The collection contains 11 images of Flora Goforth, the Engineering Drafting School building, and a Native American doing pottery.
  • U 242.3 Flora Goforth Photographs, 1906-2000- Included are 115 negatives and 175 prints of the Goforth family and friends, and images taken by Flora Goforth on an archaeological expedition at Jemez, New Mexico, under the direction of Dr. Hewitt of the University of New Mexico.  These expedition images are all undated but likely circa the late 1920s or early 1930s.

Grounds Maintenance

  • U 82.2 Grounds Maintenance Photographs, undated- The 1 print and 2 negative collection contains images of the Texas Tech University’s Administration Building.
  • U 82.3 Grounds Maintenance Photographs, 1959- The collection of 6 color slides and 4 negatives contains images of the Texas Tech University’s campus and of beds of chrysanthemum flowers planted around campus.

Rollin Herald Photograph Collection, 1930s-1980s - contains a large number of prints and negatives on various Texas Tech subjects such as the football and basketball teams, campus buildings and structures, the band and Court Jesters, Carol of Lights, and the ROTC from the 1950s-1970s. The student organizations pictured include Las Chaparritas, Los Camaradas, Silver Key, Adelphi, Kemas, Socii, the College Club, Ko Shari, the Wranglers, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Delta Gamma, Alpha Gamma, Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Tau Delta, Delta Delta Delta, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha, Phi Mu, Phi Kappa Psi, and DFD.

Heritage Club Photograph Collection - contains images of many of the most important events, people and places connected to Texas Tech history.

Hispanic Student Society

  • U 209.1 Hispanic Student Society Photographs, undated- This collection contains 260 prints and 76 negatives pertaining to the organization's activities, particularly it's social ones.  Included are images of camping in Caprock Canyon, cookouts, pinatas, Raider Red and the Masked Rider, a banquet, sports events, dancing, and various people.

Human Sciences

  • U 261.2 Human Sciences Photographs, 1960-1990- This collection contains 88 prints and 17 color photocopies of various images of children and staff at the Child Development Center at Texas Tech University.  Most of the children's photos show them learning and playing.  There are also several images of children who are blind.  The color photocopies are of the McDuff children- Glen (1960-1961) and Karen (1973-1975), both of whom attended the Child Development Center.  The CD contains scans of all the images.

Information Services
The Office of Information Services was responsible for handling the public relations aspects of Texas Tech University.  This department has been called several names over the years, including Photographic Services, Public Information, University News and Publications, and News and Publications.  It is currently going under the name of Communications and Marketing.

Inaugurations and Symposium
The first symposium on Arid and Semi-arid Lands was held in conjunction with the inauguration of Dr. Grover E. Murray as the eighth president of the university October 30-November 1, 1966. As a geologist, Dr. Murray held a long-time interest in the study of desert environments and was instrumental in founding the International Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Land Studies (ICASALS) at Texas Tech in 1967. Participants for the symposium included John W. Gardner, secretary of Health, Education and Welfare; Stewert L. Udall, secretary of the Interior; Emilio Portes Gil, former president of Mexico; and Dr. S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

  • U 98.1 Inaugurations Photographs, undated- This collection of two prints contains images of guests of the Arid and Semi-arid Lands symposium and Dr. Murray's Inauguration, October, 1966.  Pictured include John W. Gardner, Emilio Portes Gil, Dr. Grover E. Murray, Dillon S. Ripley, and Stewart L. Udall.

Institute for Disaster Research

  • U 220.1 Institute for Disaster Research Photographs, 1976- This collection contains one print, the Proceedings of the Symposium of Knowledge and Implications For Man, and a list of the participants.  The image is of all the participants of the Symposium. As this is a very small collection, the image resides with the manuscript material.

International Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Land Studies (ICASALS)

  • U 96.3 ICASALS Photographs, undated- The collection consists of 2 mounted, oversized prints of dignitaries by a military air command passenger jet (undated) and a meeting at the Lubbock International Airport for International Development (undated).

La Ventana

  • U 109.2 La Ventana Photographs, 1970-1973 and undated:  This collection of 31,800 negatives consists of images taken by the staff of the La Ventana for publication of the university yearbook.
  • U 109.3 La Ventana Photographs, 1964-1988 and undated:  This collection of 121,400 negatives consists of images taken by the staff of the La Ventana for publication of the university yearbook.
  • U 109.4 La Ventana Photographs, 1965-1966:  This collection of 605 negatives and nine proofs consists of images taken by the staff of the La Ventana for publication of the university yearbook.
  • U 109.5 La Ventana Photographs, 1942-1943:  This collection consists of three prints of students and the Red Cross at a war time relief drive. The images were used in the 1942-1943 La Ventana yearbook.
  • U 109.6 La Ventana Photographs, 1934-1995:  This artificial collection of 26 negatives consists of images photographed from various La Ventana yearbooks per a patron's request. Many are athletic images.
  • La Ventana I - Photographs, 1962-1983 and undated
  • La Ventana II - Photographs, 1960-1984 and undated
  • Click here to view digital copies of the La Ventana yearbooks

Landscape Architecture

  • U 282.1 Landscape Architecture, 1979:  This collection consists of very nice landscape images used for a "Landscape Planning Paper" dated 1979.

Law School

  • U 111.1 Law School Photographs, undated:  The collection contains seven images of Law School personnel and students.  Included are Charles Adams, Joan Blanscet, Jack Cowley, Tim R. Evans, Ronald M. Jackson, John L. Sheperd, and Buford Terrell.


  • U 112.1 Library Photographs, 1947-1965 and undated:  This collection consists of various images of Texas Tech staff and faculty, many of which worked in the Library- Katherine Bridges, Zona Edwards, Paulie Bain Brittain, Harold Simpson, R. C. Goodwin, Ray C. Janeway, Iva Richey Beene Parks; a group portrait of unidentified men; the 1938 Texas Tech Board of Directors; and four images of people attending the 1958 Junior College Workshop at Texas Tech.
  • U 112.2 Library Photographs, 1974-2001 and undated:  This collection consists of six images of the Library staff and facilities, one image of the Library Addition under construction in 1974, and one image of the Cluff family attending a retirement party for Library Dean Cluff in 2001.  Pictured include Ken Ketner, Ken, Carol Joiner and Sharon Kohout.
  • U 112.17 Library Photographs, 1940s and undated:  This collection consists of nineteen prints and 18  negatives of groups of individuals, building structures, and ceremonies relating to the Texas Tech University Library. An artificial collection, the images were reproduced in 1997 from the Heritage Club collection and from the 1940s La Ventanas.
  • U 112.18 Library Photographs, July 1987:  This collection consists of 72 color slides of the interior of the Texas Tech University Library and members of its staff and administration.
  • U 112.19 Library Photographs, 1999:  Taken by Robert Suddarth Photography, this collection consists of 5 prints of the newly renovated interior of the Texas Tech University Library, including Government Documents, the Fifth Floor stacks, and one of the TLTC computer lab.
  • U 112.20 Library Photographs, 1995?:  Taken by Pamela Cooper, these 4 color prints are of the presentation of a bicycle to Ed Brousard, who worked for Library Development. Brousard's car had been broken into and a collection was taken up to buy him the bicycle. Also includes a newspaper clipping on Cooper's death. All donated by Bruce Cammack.

Library External Relations and Outreach

  • U 275.1  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 2001:  This collection of 50 color negatives and 32 color prints consists of various images of Library staff, office space, and Tina Fuentes's  art work.  Pictured are D'Ann Harmon, David Marshall, Brian Quinn, Jan Kemp, Dawn Dockter,  Greg Nelson, Richard Kyle, Carol Roberts, Liz Applin, Sarah Tollett, Amy Chang, Steve Bogener, and Donald Dyal.
  • U 275.2  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, April 27, 2001:  This collection of 16 color prints of document Arbor Day planting activities.  Included are images of the Will Rogers Statue wrapped in black crepe paper, the Masked Rider on horseback, Chancellor John Montford at the podium, the releasing of red and black balloons, and group portraits of Library staff participating in the planting activities.
  • U 275.3  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, May 14, 2001:  This collection of 11 color prints consist of staff in a style show showing off shirts and jerseys with the Library logo.  Pictured are Robin Bray, Peter Kargbo, Jo Ann Altman, Lisa Gonzales, David Marshall, and Donell Callender.
  • U 275.4  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, February, 2002:  This collection of 39 black & white prints consist of candids of the Men's Basketball team for an ESPN photo shoot.
  • U 275.5  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 2001:  This collection consists of images from various Library activities.  14 color prints show Library staff- Adrian Levya, Eric Law, Dawn Dockter, Scott Devine, Amy Chang, Jan Kemp, and Myra Brown- participating in the "Raising a Reader Book Festival" event at Mahon Public Library on May 5, 2001.  4 color prints are of a Preston Smith exhibit on May 5, 2001.  The last set are of 3 prints of the first Story Hour on May 5, 2001, and 21 color prints showing Jake Syma and Myra Brown reading to a crowd for Children's Story Hour on August 2001.
  • U 275.6  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 2001:  This collection of 100 color prints documenting the activities of the Library Gala, including attendees and singers.  Pictured include Myra Brown, Scott Devine, D'Ann Harmon, Dale Cluff, John Montford, Don Haragan, Idris Traylor, David Schmidly, David Marshall, H. B. Paksoy, and Karen Knight.
  • U 275.7  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 1997-1999 and undated:  This collection of 46 color prints consist of interior and exterior views of the Library after its renovation (1999), interior and exterior views of the Southwest Collection building (August 27, 1997 and undated), and exterior views of the International Cultural Center (undated).
  • U 275.8  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, May 9, 1997:  This collection of 96 color prints consists of images taken when Texas First Lady Laura Bush came to the Southwest Collection to rededicate the Coronelli Globe.  Tech Regent James Sowell contributed the funds to help restore the globe and have a stand and enclosed built for the globe.  The globe was rededicated in Mrs. Bush's honor. Several of the images are close ups of the globe.  Persons attending the event included Mrs. Bush, James Sowell, Bruce Cammack, Grover Murray, and Dale Cluff.
  • U 275.9  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 2001:  This collection of 10 color prints and 10 color negatives showing the Library's logo on a white van and furniture in the Architecture Library.
  • U 275.10  Library External Relations and Outreach Photographs, 1995-1996:  This collection of 171 color prints and 198 color negatives document the construction of the Southwest Collection building from 1995-1996.

Masked Rider

  • U 114.2 Masked Rider Photographs, 1955-1978 and undated- This collection consists of 12 prints and 3 negatives of various persons on horseback dressed as the university's mascot, the Masked Rider. Pictured include Jim Cloyd, Bill Durfey, Joe Kirk Fulton, Nubbin Hollar, Lee W. Puckitt, and J. H. "Hud" Rhea.
  • U 114.3 Masked Rider Photographs, 1953-1999 and undated- This collection of 256 prints, 28 slides, and 1 contact sheet consists of images of various persons on horseback dressed as the university's mascot, the Masked Rider. Several of the images were taken during university football games, and on one occassion comedian Bob Hope posed with one of the mascots. Also includes various university administrators and the assistants to the mascots. Pictured include Dusty Abney, Jennifer Aufill, Larry Cade, Johnny Bob Carruth, Perry Joe Church, Joe Kirk Fulton, Lisa Gilbreath, Kurt Harris, Bob Hope, Ralynn Key, Blaine Lemons, Anne Lynch,  Tommy Martin, Becky McDougal, Kim Saunders, Jolynn Self, Amy Smart, Tonya Tinnin, Jess Wall, and Douglas "Dink" Wilson.
  • U 114.4 Masked Rider Photographs, 1980s- This collection consists of 43 images of a reception for an exhibit on the Masked Rider program at Texas Tech University. The Southwest Collection built the exhibit and held the reception at the University Center. Pictured include Lauro F. Cavazos.
  • U 114.5 Masked Rider Photographs, undated- This collection consists of 2 b/w prints and 1 color slide of the Masked Rider riding on the playing field. Two of the photos were take during a football game.
  • See also the Red Raider Retrospective, 1925- collection

Mass Communications

  • U 226.5 Mass Communications Photographs, undated- This collection of 49 prints and 327 slides includes various images of NASA and astronauts, members of the Southwest Journalism Historical Center, and the Yellow Kid doll. The slide series include Newspapers Around the World, the Black Press, the Asian Media, a Panorama of American History, the Protest Press, the Leaders of the World, and the Carribean Mass Media.

Medicine, School of

  • U 202.1 School of Medicine Photographs, 1891-1983- This collection consists of 56 contact sheets, 149 negatives, 990 prints and 90 slides.  Fifty of these images cover a date span of 1891-1940 and consist of images of Early Lubbock, Texas, while 19 images concern hospitals in early Lubbock from 1909-1940.  The remainder of the images are dated mainly in the 1970s and are of various construction and renovation projects on or around the Texas Tech University campuses, including the establishment of the Texas Tech Schools of Medicine in Lubbock, Amarillo and El Paso.

  • U 202.2 School of Medicine Photographs, 1976?- This collection consists of 25 slides of a press conference at the Health Sciences Center occurring sometime during Cecil Mackey's presidency (1976?).  Governor Dolph Briscoe and Kent Hance were the guest speakers.

Museum of Texas Tech University

  • U 122.1 Museum Photographs, undated- This collection contain 27 photographs relating to the activities of the The Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock Lake Site and Ranching Heritage Center between 1935 and 1981, as well as the activities of the West Texas Museum Association and the Women's Council.  Pictured include Dean John R. Bradford, President R. C. Goodwin, R. C., Charles M. McLaughlin, George H. Mahon,  Dorothy Rylander, and James Webb.
  • SWCPC 566-E1 Ava & Cliff Barr Collection- This collection includes three color architect's renderings of interiors of the new Museum theatre, lobby and gallery space.
  • Rollin Herald Photograph Collection, 1930s-1980s (contains prints and negatives from the 1960s-1970s on the Museum's architectural renderings, interior candids of the building, and candids of staff and related persons.)

Museum Photograph Collection [different from the one above]

Music, Department of

  • U 123.6 Department of Music Photographs, 1954-1987 and undated- This collection of 267 negatives and 2,097 prints consists of images of the band, its members, and performances. Included are images of drum majors, the marching band, twirlers, the choir, concert bands, court jesters, and football game footage. Three oversized photographs were transferred to UA Oversize Photos box A.
  • Rollin Herald Photograph Collection, 1930s-1980s (contains prints and negatives from various music camp prints and negatives from the 1960s.)

Nursing, School of

  • U 160.1 School of Nursing Photographs, 1977-1988 and undated- This collection has 192 prints, 148 negatives, and 14 color slides.  It consists of miscellaneous images on the nursing profession, nursing students, and the Texas Tech School of Nursing. It includes images on the Annual Conference on Continuing Education (1977); the EP and BC Advisory Committee meeting (1988); the Excellence in Nursing Practice Award Display in the HSC Library (undated); the Historical Registration (1983); the Lillian Wald Library Display (undated); the May Awards Ceremony (1986); a Nursing Exhibit (undated); the School of Nursing pin; and numerous unidentified people. Also included are slides of the Faculty Lunch and Meeting (1986), and Yondell Masters.
  • U 160.3 School of Nursing Photographs, undated- This collection consists of 3 Polaroid prints depicts nurses at work, and were donated by Pat Yoder Wise.
  • U 160.5 School of Nursing Photographs, undated- This collection consists of 268 slides of artwork and nursing activities for IMAGE.

Official Publications

  • U 219.1 Official Publications Photographs, undated: This collection contains 4 oversized prints are of the architectural details of a campus building and posed shots of Tech students. These images were used as a photographic preparation file for the office of Official Publications, and are located in UA Oversize Photos Box A.

Park Administration

  • U 135.10 Park Administration, 1928-1965 and undated:  This collection of 45 prints, 275 negatives and 108 slides includes a wide variety of images such as the Monterey Class Favorites, the Texas Tech Basketball team, and Methodist Hospital.
  • U 216.1 Park Administration and Horticulture Department Photographs, undated: 
    This collection contains the scripts and drafts for a slide presentation called "Texas Tech-  Then and Now", and the 138 color slides that corresponds to this presentation.
  • U 136.2 Park Administration and Landscape Architecture Photographs, 1975 and undated:  This collection of 13 negatives and 62 prints consists of six aerial photos, six images of recreational places such as Padre Island and the San Jacinto Monument, and 50 images of a conference held at Lake Texoma.

Phi Gamma Nu

  • U 9.1 Phi Gamma Nu Photographs, 1979-1981:  This collection contains three group and composite portraits of Phi Gamma Nu members.

Photographic Services
Photographic Services was a unit within the Office of University News and Publications, which was organized to handle news and information for the Texas Tech University system. It was responsible for taking photographs to accompany media stories and other outreach needs for the university, as well as serving as an on-site photography studio for campus requests such as portraits of faculty, staff and administrators.

Plant and Soil Sciences

  • U 146.1 Plant and Soil Sciences Photographs, 1935-1969:  This collection of 32 prints consists of various images of people who have won awards. Included are the Crops Judging team (1935, 1951, 1954-1969), an awards banquet in Kansas City (1948), the Crops team members (1948, 1950), Grain judging team (1951), the individual crops winner (1953, 1957, 1962, 1965-66), the National Grain Sorghum Show judge (1958), Cecil Ayers, and Dr. Bill Starnes.
  • S 567-E1, E3-E5 George Tereshkovich Collection: 6 prints of the installation of the University Greenhouses (1973); 39 color slides of the Dairy Barn and Silo (1982-1983); and 12 color slides of Agronomy Farm and related plant plots west of Flint Avenue and the area between the west wing of the Library and the Agriculture Building (1953-1968).

President's Office

  • U 147.5 President's Office Photographs, 1913-1932: This collection consists of various images of persons applying for positions at Texas Technological College as well as Texas Tech staff and faculty, including five portraits of Texas Tech president Paul Whitfield Horn.
  • U 147.26 President's Office Photographs, 1923-1950 and undated: This collection is comprised of 58 photographs and 1 negative. Included are photos of various Texas Tech early administrators (many of these images appear in the First Thirty Years book), military corps marching around campus as well as individual WWII soldiers, group choir portraits and an aerial view of the campus.
  • U 147.41 President's Office Photographs, 1986-1991 and undated: The collection consists of 3 color slides, 92 prints, and 2 transparencies. It includes a variety of images, such as photos of candidates applying to join the President’s Hostesses group; the Playhouse Donation Ceremony (1989); the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship Luncheon (1991); an aerial view; the El Pomar Center in Colorado bid for the Big 12 Conference headquarters (1995); various research facilities; asbestos projects in Tech campus buildings (1993); Operation Senorita (1970); GM competition (1989); Graduation ceremonies (1988); transparencies of charts of all accounts (1980); Sept. Breakfast Club Meeting (1992); the president cutting a basketball hoop at a game (1993); President Lawless presenting Mirabeau B. Lamar medal (1993); a PETA protest sign (1989-90); and various portraits. Terms in office for the various administrations represented in this collection are: Dr. Grover E. Murray (1766-1976), Dr. Cecil Mackey (1976-1979), Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos (1980-1988), Dr. Robert W. Lawless (1989-1996), and interim President Beth Haley (1988).
  • U 147.42 President's Office Photographs, 1976? The collection consists of 55 slides of Texas Tech University president Lauro F. Cavazos being presented with a plaque in his honor and the reception that follows. Also pictured include E. Dale Cluff and Dr. David Murrah.

President's Council

  • U 24.1 President's Council Photographs, 1976?  This 21 print collection contains images of people at various social functions, a photo of a color drawing of the Masked Rider, and a display set of medals.  Pictured include Bill Clayton, Dr. Grover E. Murray, and May Owen.

Provost's Office

  • U 207.1 Provost's Office Photographs, 1980-1992 and undated:  This collection of 96 prints contains images of the Texas Tech Will Rogers statue in snow (1988), the Convocations Committee, University Seal (1980), the Faculty Honors Convocation (1992), the Inauguration of Chang-Lin Tien as 75th Chancellor of UC of Berkeley, the Long Range Development Plan Illustration (undated), Non-faculty Achievement Awards (1992), a parking Garage at UT in Arlington, Renovation and damaged buildings and facilities (undated), and a Thank you from Mayor David Langston (undated).
  • U 207.1 Provost's Office Photographs, 1987 and 1993:  This collection of 33 prints and 2 contact sheets contains images of a Non-Faculty Awards event, Len Ainsworth, and the St. Paul's on the Plains church.

Public Information, Department of
The Department of Public Information, later called the Office of University News and Publications and more recently the Office of Communications and Marketing, handled publicity and presses releases for Texas Tech University. It also gathered news clippings and media information published on Texas Tech by outside entities.

Ranching Heritage Center

  • U 151.2 Ranching Heritage Center Photographs, 1917-1988:  This collection of 118 prints, 26 negatives, and 2 slides contains images of activities on the Ranching Heritage Center compound, the various ranch building and their interiors, members of the Ranching Heritage Association, activities related to the National Western Artists Show and Sales, people wearing historic costumes, the old Arnett Ranch Headquarters building, a slave cabin, Spring Lake Ranch, and Will Rogers.  Also includes two damaged, mounted images-  one is of Geo. Turner holding a team of horses next to oil derricks that were close to the Bickley Farm north of Electra, Texas in 1917.  The second image is of a group of children posed beside a school in Clara, Texas in 1920.  Pictured include the 6666 Barn; Dr. Len Ainsworth, Ninia Bivins; Alton Brazell; Clay County Jail (Clay County, Tex.); Cattle; Chuckwagons; Clara (Tex.); Cowboys; Electra (Tex.); Ewing Halsell; Hogs; Fran Holden; Horses; Longhorn Cattle; Jiggs Mann; Dr. Grover E. Murray; Montie Ritchie; Geo Turner; and Windmills.
  • U 151.3 Ranching Heritage Center Photographs, undated: This collection consists of two prints. One is a woman’s portrait labelled "Edwards, T Bar Ranch, Tahoka, undated". The second is an undated color aerial of the Texas Tech University campus. Transferred to UA Oversize Photos Box B.

Red Raider Retrospective, 1925- historical images of the Texas Tech campus, student life, faculty, and campus activities that have been pulled together from various collections.

Rodeo Association

  • U 265.1 Rodeo Association Photographs, 1946-2000 and undated:  This collection consists of 150 prints on the activities and members of the Texas Tech Rodeo Association.  Aside from the individual and group portraits, the images include bull riding, bronc riding, musicians, rodeo queens, homecoming floats, and a photo from a road trip to Kansas.  Also included are photos of a telegram, news clippings and a men's basketball game.  Photo #112 is an oversized group portrait of alumni attending the annual Cowboy Symposium, circa either 1999 or 2000.  This image is housed in the acid-free box along with the oversized scrapbook pages.

Seale, Dan

  • U 424.1 Dan Seale Photographs, 1946-1947: The collection consists of 27 black and white photographs of the stadium for the Rose Bowl (2 images), Texas Tech pep rally in front of the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas in the fall of 1947 (7 images), the 1947 Texas Tech homecoming parade for the TTC versus Baylor (10 images), Jones Stadium on fire while under construction (5 images), a TTC pep ralley on Broadway and College Avenues (2 images), and a dormitory decorated with banners for the football game against the bears.

Seismological Observatory

  • U 244.1 Seismological Observatory Photographs, 1998: The collection contains 11 color slides of the observatory before and after its destruction in December 1998. The slides reside with the manuscript collection.

Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library Photographs

  • U 426.1 Abel Ramirez Photograph Collection, 1994-1996 : This 70 print and 74 negative collection consists of images the site and surrounding buildings for the new Southwest Collection Building before and during construction.

Sports Information Photograph Collections

Student Association

  • U 170.2 Student Association Photographs, circa 1993?  This 16 print and 19 negative collection consists of images of a cookout by the Student Association on the west corner of the University Center.  Includes images of students, the band, and Raider Red at the cookout.
  • U 170.3 Student Association Photographs, 1989 and undated:  This collection consists of 207 prints, 216 negatives, and 12 contact sheets.  It contains a wide variety of images pertaining to the activities of Texas Tech's Student Association, the Tech campus, Tech students, extracurricular activities, numerous sporting events, fraternity and sororities events, and various portraits of people.  Pictured include the Tech Band, baseball, basketball, the Blarney Stone, bowling, Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos, fences, football, fraternities, golf, gymnastics, Dr. Robert Lawless, polo, Raider Red, sororities, tennis, Texas Opera Theatre, track and field, volleyball, water skiing, weightlifting, and wrestling.

Student Publications

  • U 175.2 Student Publications Photographs, 1969 and undated:  This collection consists of 104 negatives of images taken for student publications, most likely the La Ventana.  Included are images of the food lab, members of the American Home Economics Association and their awards banquet, members of Home Management, members of A. I. D., the Home Economics Council, and Dr. Lockart.  The negatives were taken by the photo staff of Student Publications and were sent to the Southwest Collection by Darrel Thomas.

Texas Tech Athletics: This digital collection is comprised of photographs of various Texas Tech athletic related persons  and events that have been pulled together from various manuscript and photograph collections found in the University Archives.

Texas Tech People: This digital collection is comprised of photographs of Texas Tech related persons that have been pulled together from various manuscript and photograph collections found in the University Archives.

Texas Techsan

  • U 215.1 Texas Techsan Photographs, circa 1950s:  The Collection consists of one negative and one print of Joe Kirk Fulton, as the Masked Rider, leading the Red Raiders onto the field at the Sun Bowl.


  • U 192.1 Toreador Photographs, 1965-1966 This collection contains 1,105 negatives used for the Toreador, and covers a wide variety of subjects such as the Tech band, band camp, basketball, cheerleading, Governor John Connally, football, Kappa Sigma, ROTC, the Saddle Tramps, and the Young Republicans.

University Center

  • U 182.1 University Center Photographs, undated:  The one print collection contains a photo of students at the Ex-Students display table.
  • U 182.2 University Center Photographs, 1993:  This 2 print collection contains images of Lisa Gilbreath as the Masked Rider, sitting on the horse, Double T.
  • U 182.3 University Center Photographs, 1979-1982 and undated:  This collection is composed of 19 images of various people participating in university events. Group portraits are of the staff of Pine Cove, the staff of Sky Ranch, Red Raiders Football team (1979), and the Women’s Tennis Teams (1979-1980, 1981-1982).  Also includes miscellaneous unidentified pictures- a Tech football game; a football team portrait (undated); various images of unidentified women of Pi Beta Phi; students posing with sporting equipment; and various undated team portraits.  These items were discovered in the attic of the University Center Activities Office and donated to the archive.  They were transferred to UA Oversize Photos Box B.
  • U 182.4 University Center Photographs, 1976:  This collection consists of 1 negative and 2 prints of the University Center taken in 1976.

University Daily

University News and Publications

        Envelope #1 contains 95 prints, mostly of images of campus buildings. Buildings pictured include the Library, Business Administration, the Municipal Auditorium, Gordon and Bledsoe Dorms, the Health Sciences Center, Mass Communications, Agricultural Engineering, the Law School, Agriculture Plant Science, Textile Engineering, the University Theatre, the Agricultural Pavilion, the University Center, the Men's Gym, the Dairy Barn, Holden Hall, Foreign Language, the Museum, Doak Hall, Psychology, Architecture, and Chemistry. Some of the buildings are pictured at Christmas time, decorated with Christmas lights. Also included are images of the Crosbyton Solar Power Project solar dish, the old bonfire seal, and three aerial views of the campus, the university seal, the Will Rogers Statue, construction of an unidentified building, and ROTC men at attention with Holden Hall in the background.

        Envelope #2 contains 2 contact sheets, 11 pmts, 89 negatives, and 129 prints. Pictured are the university seal, coffee mugs, the Library, students in class and around campus, graduation, the Goin' Band, various musicians, and musicians marching at the recognition service on May 14, 1935. Sport images include track and field, football, women's golf, table tennis, pool, baseball, basketball, tennis, and the Saddle Tramps cheering. Also included are images of Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos's inauguration lunch at the University Center and his reception at the Museum on April 18, 1980. Other subjects consist of various images of the Law School's facilities, its students and its staff such as professor Marilyn Phelan.

        Envelope #3 contains 120 prints, mostly of miscellaneous students and faculty doing things such as attending class, studying, eating meals, researching in the library, swimming, and graduating. There are also several individual faculty portraits. Other images include inductees into the Hall of Honor and various administrators attending meetings.

        Envelope #4 contains 107 prints, again mostly of miscellaneous students and faculty.

  • U 184.21 University News and Publications Photographs, 1996: This collection of five prints are duplicate images of the members of the 1996 Texas Tech University Meat Judging Team who became National Meat Judging Champs. Members included are Marvin J. Cepica, Kevin Pond,Mark Miller, Hunter Graham, Tim Tatsch, Cody Leech, Pam Scott, Amber Lehmann, Julie McCain, Katy Christensen, Kinann Campbell, Misty Ripkowski, Jesse Davis, Chad Brown, Jimmy Spivey, Clint Alexander, Eddie Behrends, and Sam Curl.
  • U 185.3 University News and Publications Photographs, 1972 and undated: This 2 box collection consists of 1,461 prints, 18 negatives, 25 contact sheets, 24 transparencies and 2 sketches documenting various aspects of Texas Tech University life and activities.
  • U 185.4 University News and Publications Photographs, 1925-1986 and undated: This 5 box collection contains slides documenting the faculty, students and campus of Texas Tech University.
  • U 185.6 University News and Publications Records, 1925-2000 and undated: This 90 box collection contains the research and departmental files of the Office of News and Publications. Included are newspaper articles, photographs, sound recordings, press releases and statistical information on various persons, academic and professional units, and campus activities and buildings.

University Theatre

  • U 187.1 University Theatre Photographs, undated:  The collection  of 7 prints consists of images of cast members performing scenes from plays such as "Dance of the Maypole," fencing, and dressed in costumes such as vampires.
  • U 187.2 University Theatre Photographs, 1958-1973 and undated:  The collection of 50 prints consists of images of various theatrical productions, costumes, and cast members.  Productions include 6 Characters in Search of an Author, The Chalk Garden, The House of Bernarda Alba, Mary Stuart, and The Show-Off.
  • U 187.4 University Theatre Photographs, 1943-1997 This 2 box collection contains photographs from various theatrical productions, costumes, and cast members.
  • U 187.7 University Theatre Photographs, 1923-1976:  The collection consists of 297color slides depicting various theatre personalities and events.  Productions include Everything in the Garden, The Bacchae, Lower Depths, Country Wife, Tartuffe, Tobacco Road, A Doll's House, Indians, A Street Car Named Desire, Man and Superman, Electra, and various playbills.  About a third of the slides consist of images of Harley Sadler and tents shows.

University Women's Club

  • U 188.1 University Women's Club, 1960-1995:  This collection of 235 prints contains images details of the clubs activities, particularly it's social events such as cooking, fashion shows and parties.

Water Resources Center

  • U 295.3 Water Resources Center Photographs, 1961-1992:  This collection of 62 prints and 353 slides documents water projects and studies conducted by the Water Resources Center.

Wiley, Dewey O.

  • U 49.1 Dewey O. Wiley Photographs, circa 1920s-1970s:  This collection of 2,326 prints and negatives consists of image from Wiley's career as "the Father of Texas Bands." Pictured are early 1920s images of the Simmons University "Cowboy Band", numerous images of the Texas Tech Band, as well as Wiley family photos, postcards, and miscellaneous concert bands.  A good portion of the Texas Tech Band images are of their "formations" or intricate patterns made by the band while performing during a football game.  Also includes choirs, drum majors, Harry LeMaire, majorettes, Midland College football team, parades, and postcards.

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