Exhibits On View

 Ro Wauer: Reflections of a Naturalist

An internationally renowned expert on birds and butterflies and author of 21 books and 170 articles on natural history and the life of a naturalist. Ro worked for the National Park Service for 32 years as a park ranger, interpreter, director of special reports and programs, and as assistant superintendent at numerous national parks from Crater Lake to the Virgin Islands, and from Alaska to the Big Bend

of Texas.

Exploring the Natural World

Ro Wauer: Reflections of a Naturalist,

Travel and Discovery: The World of Clyde Jones,

Wyman Meinzer: Art and Artistry on the High Plains
Featuring an exhibit of books, journals, photographs and oral histories taken from the manuscript collections of these naturalists housed in the Southwest Collection. Exhibit includes a selection of Ro Wauer's favorite  photographs of birds and sound recordings of

bird songs.

J.W. Murray family

J.W. Murray: Pioneer Printer on the Plains

In October, 1887, J.W. Murray began publishing the Crosby County News, the lone newspaper in 22,000 square miles.  His wife and children largely operated the printing press, while Murray solicited business and wrote editorials and local news stories. This exhibit explores the history of printing on the Plains and the changing demographics during that time period.

Lee Quirino, Songwriter

This exhibit chronicles the contributions Lee Quirino made through his written works, especially his music.

Una Mujer by Lee Quirino

El Missippi 1886

Two Hundred Years of Spanish Language Newspapers

The exhibit commemorates the 200 year anniversary of bilingual newspapers (Spanish and English) printed in the United States. Featuring a facsimile of the front page of El Misisipi, printed on the presses of the Louisiana Gazette in 1808 and the mastheads of local newspapers, the exhibit showcases these wonderful bilingual periodicals.


Darwin Bicentennial Exhibit

From the Galapagos Islands to On the Origin of Species

On the Origin of the Species Title Page

Onthe Origin of the Species Edited by David Quammen

Darwin Bicentennial Exhibit
David Quammen's Insights

David Quammen, an immensely popular and widely-read author who explains complex ecological and ethical issues in sparkling prose, has recently turned to writing about the life and ideas of Charles Darwin.