The Age of Expedition

The first part of this exhibit illustrates how an era of discovery brought European structures and practices to a New World. A medieval-style military expedition, led by Vázquez de Coronado, will be revealed by artifacts from the Coronado campsite in Blanco Canyon, and by period arms, armor, and furniture. Books, 15th to 17th century maps, and a rare Coronelli Globe document local exploration and the opening of the High Plains to European consciousness.

Woodcut of Bison by Christoffel Jegher [1569-1652].  Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio [1595-1658].  Historia Naturae, Maxime Peregrinae.  Antwerp: Balthasar Moretus, 1635.  The Mathes Collection.



The Age of Expedition -- Expedition -- Coronado -- Flora and fauna

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