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Aldine Printer's Mark from Claudianus, Claudius.  Opera qvam Diligentissime Castigata.  Venetiis:  Aldvs, 1523.

onsisting of over 250 volumes, Rare Books' collection of classical Roman and Greek authors includes some of Texas Tech University's oldest texts, beginning with Jenson's 1471 printing of Suetonius' Life of the 12 Caesars (Vitae XII Caesarum. Venice:  Nicolaus Jensen, 1471).  Other notable texts include a 1524 printing of Homer's Iliad, (Homērou Ilias. Venetiis: In aedibvs Aldi, 1524), and a 1772 Baskerville edition of Lucretius' The Nature of Things. (De Rerum Natura Libri sex.  Birminghamae: Typis Johannis Baskerville, 1772).  As the collection is designed to support research and teaching at Texas Tech, an emphasis has been made to acquire editions edited by important classical scholars such as Richard Bentley.    

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