Texas Tech University's Records Retention Disposition (RRD) Log
When discarding university records, please fill out the RRD form. Your department will need to maintain copies of your disposition log as a paper trail for your disposed records. The logs must be retained for 10 years and can be kept as one ongoing document. A blank RRD form can be found in the middle of this page.

Important things to keep in mind when disposing university records:

The retention time for a record applies to the ONE "master copy" of a document which is the original or "master" copy. Any extra copies of a document are considered to be "convenience copies" [aka duplicates], which can be disposed of at any time when it's usefulness ends. At no time should a convenience copy be kept longer than the record copy.

Convenience copies do not have to listed on a disposition log. Only MASTER copies (originals) of records require a disposition log to be completed and a copy of the form should be kept by the department to document a paper trail of the department's records.

Within many departments, 25-50% of the records may be copies. Many records, such as travel, payroll and personnel documents, are now done online and thus the master copy of these documents are the electronic versions. The paper versions of these documents in most office are copies and can be disposed of when no longer needed.

While the master copy of a record may reside in any number of format - whether it be paper, electronic or microfilm form -  the retention time for that record remains what has been approved by the State on TTU's records retention schedule, despite the format.

Non-Texas Tech "Library" type materials such as conference brochures, programs and fliers are not considered a state record and can be disposed of at any time. Materials generated by Texas Tech and/or for the university as part of its function are considered state records and need to follow the retention times approved by the State.

Records flagged as "archival" may contain historical information that should be kept long term. Contact the University Archivist, Lynn Whitfield, about transferring these records. She may be reached at (806) 742-8675 or lynn.whitfield@ttu.edu

Click here for a Blank Records Retention Disposition form [word document]

Instructions for completing the Records Disposition Log [examples of how to fill out the log are at the bottom]:

1.  Enter your department's name and mail stop number.

2.  Locate a description of your records using the current TTU Records Retention Schedule (RRS).

  • Write the record series title (RRS field #6) that corresponds with the type of records you have for disposition. If you are unsure what type of records you have, please call (806) 742-8675 for assistance.

Keep in mind that you only have to list a record type once for each disposition cycle.  For example if you have travel vouchers from 1988-1990 and 1993-1995, only list that record type as:

Examples an entry with multiple dates:

Record Type

Agency  item # Retention Time Dates of Records Disposition Method Signature Authorizing
Disposition Date
Travel vouchers 136 FE+3 1988-1990, 1993-1995 Shred

J. Smith


  • Write the Agency series # (RRS field #5) that corresponds with those records.

  • Give the total retention time required (RRS field #7) for those records. The retention time is the minimum time approved by the State for maintain a particular record.

  • Give the date span for these records to be disposed. This is listed as earliest year - latest year.

  • List the method for disposal for these records. The methods are listed at the bottom of the form.

  • Enter the name of the person authorized to dispose of the records. 

  • Enter the date of when the records are actually destroyed.

Other examples of entries on a disposition log:

Record Type

Agency Item # Retention Time Dates of Records Disposition Method Signature Authorizing Disposition Disposition Date
Payroll Sheets





J. Smith


Billing Detail- Telecommunications 46 FE+3 1989-1995 Recycle

J. Smith


Personnel Information or Action Forms 252 2 1990-1994, 1997-1999 Shred

J. Smith


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