Athletic Collections in the Texas Tech University Archives
There are numerous athletic materials available within the University Archives and the Southwest Collections' holdings.  To aid researchers, resources have been arranged into the following categories on two separate web pages.

Section 1 consists of:  I. Manuscripts and PublicationsII. PhotographsIII. Scrapbooks and MemorabiliaIV. Film and Videos, and V. Oral History Interviews

Section 2 consists of:  Addition Research Resources for TTU Athletics, Historical Tidbits, Athletic Directors and Coaches, Miscellaneous Resources, and Links to Other Athletic Resources

I. Manuscript Collections and Publications

Athlete Files

Athletic Council
After a controversy concerning the 1974 Peach Bowl, a resolution was drawn at Tech giving the Athletic Council no final authority, but instead emphasized its advisory role. Comprised to include faculty members, the matters under faculty control include enforcement of scholastic standards, supervision of all expenditures, budget preparations, recommendations of members of the athletic staff, and enforcement of recruitment regulations and athletic subsidizations.

Athletic Director's Office

  • U 338.1 Judy Dewbre Papers, 1956-1997:  This 2 box collection contains Southwest Conference meeting minutes, Texas Tech Athletic Council meeting minutes, correspondence between Dirk West and Bob Bockworth, and Southwest Conference Dissolution Documents. It also contains information on the expansion of Texas Tech's and the Southwest Conference's Women's Athletic Programs following the United States Congresses Title IX legislation.
  • U 408.1 Judith Henry Papers, 2009-2010 and undated:  This 1 wallet collection contains two unpublished manuscripts: The 64-page manuscript titled "History of Texas Tech Athletics" by Kristin Drabyn, 2009-2010 and the 81-page manuscript titled "The History of Women and Sports at Texas Tech University" (undated) by multiple authors.

Athletic Media Relations Office
Baseball, track and tennis were played at Texas Tech beginning in 1926. Golf was begun in 1936. The university also at one time maintained a swim team. Since 1925, the university's football team, The Red Raiders, has participated in over 22 bowl games and produced numerous notable athletes. Texas Tech joined the Border Conference in 1932 and became a member of the Southwest Conference in 1956. The disbanding of the Southwest Conference in 1996 led to Tech's joining the newly formed Big 12 Conference the same year.

  • U 193.1 Athletic Media Relations Office Records, 1928-1999: This is a 21 box collection consists of individual player files from various Texas Tech sports and contains 32,097 prints, 1,306 slides; and 855 negatives. The player files also contain news clippings, statistical information and personal information sheets filled out by the players before they joined the sport.
  • U 193.2 Athletic Media Relations Photographs, 1925-2000:  This 1 box collection consists of various athletic images including team portraits.  The images include baseball, football, golf, tennis, and track and field.
  • U 193.3 Athletic Media Relations Scrapbooks, 1979-1998:  This 2 box collection consists of scrapbooks of news clippings on Texas Tech University men’s and women’s basketball teams. Also included are issues of the Red Raider Rampage Newsletter, dated from 1979-1993, which were published by the Red Raider Club.
  • See also U 334.1 Margaret E. Wilson Papers, 1935-2007 for files pertaining to athletic coaches, players and, in particular, women's athletics. As one of the pioneers in Texas Tech women's athletics, Dr. Wilson worked to obtain equal resources for women athletes.

Athletics Department

Athletics - Publications
Texas Tech game programs are published by the Texas Tech University Sports Information Office with the approval of the Athletic Council of Texas Tech University. Proceeds from the sale of the programs often went to student service Organizations such as the Saddle Tramps and Alpha Phi Omega.

Texas Tech media guides are published by the Texas Tech University Sports Information Office. Media guides include records, schedules, biographies of players and staff, and other information regarding Texas Tech Athletics and traditions useful to the media and others interested in Texas Tech Athletics.

Basketball, Men's

  • U 486.1 Ramon W. Kireilis Collection, 1958: This one wallet collection consists of a bound publication titled "Basketball Manual: A Program of Learning Experiences" by Ramon Kireilis and H. Edsel Buchanan.

Big Twelve Conference

Border Conference


  • S 194.1 Coaches All-American Game Collection, 1968-1977: This is a 2 box collection
  • S ? Cotton Bowl Records, 1989-1996: This 1 box collection has agenda, directories, strategic planning, policy manuals and meeting reports used by a member of the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association during the early 1990s. Some materials are media guides and newsletters.

Former Athletes and Coaches Collections

  • U 309.1 Tom Abraham Papers, 1930-1985: This 1 wallet collection contains correspondence from Coach Pete Cawthon and other TTU football coaches to players in preparation for the beginning of the 1931 football season. Also includes photocopies of articles on Abraham's career, two audio CDs labeled, "Tom Abraham Memories," dated 1994, and an oral history concerning his family.
  • U 454.1 Amanda Banks Papers, 1979-2017: This 1 box collection contains information on former track athlete Banks and her former coach Jarvis Scott, and includes news clippings, Texas Tech track media guides from 1979-1991 and one Impressions magazine (1985) featuring bios of various Texas Tech coaches. Also part of the collection are 6 photographs which include Coach Scott, Veronica Cavazos, Marina Medina, and a group portrait of the 1980-1981 team which includes Sharon Moultrie and Coach Chesbro.
  • S 1472.1 Bobby Cavazos Collection, 1953-1954 [football]
  • S 171.1 Pete Cawthon Reunion Records, 1930-1975 [football]
  • S 1464.1 E. J. Holub Papers, 1990 [football]
  • William Morley Jennings Papers, 1909-1971: This 1 microfilm collection contains newspaper clippings, photographs and programs of athletic events.
  • S 1513.1 G. B. Morris Papers, 1943-1985: This 1 wallet collection includes photocopies of game programs and news clippings concerning Texas Technological College's and Lubbock Army Air Field's football program during the 1940s. Some of the news clippings date to 1985.
  • S 1459.2 Lewis N. Jones Papers, 1934-1968 and undated: This 1 wallet collection pertains to his career as a football player and coach.
  • U 401.1 Lewis N. Jones Collection, 1936-1961 and undated: This 1 box collection contains correspondence between Jones and Pete Cawthon, with one letter from Cawthon to Elmer Tarbox; Texas Tech football information packets for 1950-1951; news clippings on Cawthon, undated; the Pete Cawthon Camp, 1950; 6 photographs of Jones with Gerald Myers, possibly taken before Jones' passing; and three memorabilia items - Border Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Eligibility Rules (1936-1937), a Texas Tech Red Raiders 1937 football schedule, and a 1936 Texas Tech Red Raiders football schedule. The photographs were given to the University Archives by Athletics. The remainder of this collection was culled out from the James G. Allen Collection.
  • S 759.1 Winfield W. Nicklaus Papers, 1927-1978 and undated:This 1 wallet collection contains news clippings, photographs, and scrapbook material concerning Nicklaus' career as coach and football player. It bulks (1925-1928) with news clippings and photographs from the first three football seasons at Texas Technological College.
  • S 822.2 C. W. Ratliff Papers, 1922-1971 and undated [football]
  • S 1006.1 Elmer Lois Tarbox Papers, 1863-1978 [football]
  • U 14.1 James G. Allen Records, 1925-1969: Includes correspondence with Dutchy Smith and Lewis Jones, 1935-1940.

Intercollegiate Athletics


  • U 23.25 Intramurals Records, 1960-1983:  This 1 box collection contains handbooks for men's and women's intramural activities and various pamphlets for recreational sports at Texas Tech University.

Lady Raiders Basketball
The Lady Raiders is the women's basketball team at Texas Tech University. In March and April of 1993, the Lady Raiders won the Southwest Conference Post Basketball Tournament and the NCAA Championship.

  • U 206.1 Lady Raiders Records, 1982-2014: This is a 5 box (4.5 linear feet) collection contains newspaper clippings, photographs, recordings, season programs and yearbooks, and various artifacts from the Lady Raiders program dated between 1982-2014.
  • U 206.3 Lady Raiders Records, 1982-2006: This 4 box collection (4.0 linear feet)contains news clippings, scorebooks, and memorabilia collected over the course of 20 plus years during the tenure of Coach Marsha Sharp. The bulk of the collection consists of scrapbooks that had been labeled, “Mail Outs and News Clippings.”
  • See Sue Kingsbery Porter Collection -- early Lady Raiders player

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Recreational Sports, Department of

Red Raider Rampage was produced by Red Raider Club.

  • Red Raider Rampage newsletter, 1979-1993 -- See U 193.3 Athletic Media Relations Scrapbooks [above]

Red Raider Sports is produced by TRI Productions and is published 8 times a year, with August and December being double issues.

  • Red Raider Sports, 1980-2006: This collection contains an incomplete run of the Red Raider Sports magazine which was published beginning in January of 1980.

Red Raider Club
A support organization for Texas Tech University Athletics, the Red Raider Club began in 1929 and was a self-governing body. In 1994, its Executive Board approved the merger of the organization with the university's athletic department. The main focus of the Red Raider Club was to raise funds for scholarships and raise revenue for the athletic department. A student component was established in 2001, and by April had become the largest student member booster club in the nation.

Sports Information Office
The Sports Information Office traces its origins to the Sports News Office in the early 1950s, and evolved to the present designation in the late 1960s. Sports Information serves in a public relations capacity as a liaison between the media and the athletic department. The Office maintains media records on all Tech athletes, as well as compiles and designs media guides and game programs.

  • U 23.3 Sports Information Records, 1926-1996: This 34 box and 1 oversize collection consists of news releases, game and individual player statistics, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, memorabilia, photographs, and office generated files. Also includes information on bowl games, meets, and tournaments.
  • U 23.4 Sports Information Records, 1996-1998: This 2 box collection contains news releases, a Horizon Campaign pamphlet, the Public Infractions Report, schedule cards with pictures of various Tech athletics on the front side, three scrapbooks, and women's basketball statistics information.
  • U 23.6 Sports Information Ephemera, 1925-2018: This 3 box collection contains Texas Tech University sports memorabilia items such as bumper stickers, schedule cards, ticket stubs, buttons, TTU Hall of Honor inductees, trading cards and the history of the "Guns Up" tradition at Texas Tech.
  • U 23.7 Sports Information Newspapers, 1941-2006 and undated: This 1 box collection consists of various newspapers and magazines featuring Texas Tech sports.
  • U 23.9 Sports Information Records, 1939-1999: This 3 box collection consists of files on the Big 12 Conference, media guides, news releases, radio information, posters, program bids, the Red Raider Club, schedule cards, statistics, and Tech trading cards.
  • U 23.14 Sports Information Records, 1960-1999 and undated: This 1 box collection contains news releases, a brochure on the renovation of Jones Stadium, and old football tickets.
  • U 23.19 Sports Information Records, 1938-2009: This collection of 21 boxes, 2 oversized boxes and 19 oversized items consists of files generated by several Athletic Departments at Texas Tech. The files include materials on the Double T Connection, the Southwest Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (SWAIAW), Title IX, NCAA, Southwest Conference, Jeannine McHaney, Gerald Myers, Polk Robison, and individual sport information.
  • U 23.20 Sports Information Audio Cassette Collection, 1983-1989: This collection consists of 263 audio cassettes from various Texas Tech football games and bowl games.
  • U 23.21 Texas Tech Hall of Honor Collection, undated: This 1 wallet collection contains printouts of biographies of TTU Hall of Honor inductees compiled by the Athletics Department up through 2012. The biographies were originally online.
  • U 23.31 Sports Information Poster Collection, 2007-2008: This 1 box collection contains 18 mounted oversized posters. One poster is of the 2007 Lady Raiders team schedule (autographed); one poster of John Montford and for the 2007 Dave Brown Award; and 16 of Texas Tech Hall of Fame inductees - Carl Ince, Ron Reeves (autographed), Rob Junell (autographed), A. J. "Jake" Boyles (autographed), Jason Sasser (autographed), James Gray (autographed), Don King (autographed), Jill Burness Stowe (autographed), Jerry Johnson (autographed), Jeff Taylor (autographed), Robert Hall, Robert McKinney, Mark Brandenburg, Alicia Thompson, Joe Dillon, and Jim Carlen.

Southwest Conference
The Southwest Conference was formed on May 6, 1914, when representatives from Baylor University, Southwestern University, Texas A&M College, Oklahoma A&M (Oklahoma State), Louisiana State University, University of Texas, and the University of Arkansas met to discuss the future of regional sports among the local schools. Later, other universities came aboard, including Texas Tech, which joined in 1956. The Southwest Conference disbanded in 1996. Texas Tech University went on to join the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, and Baylor University to create the Big Twelve.

Southwest Conference Record Books - the following are small, bound books which include all the teams of the SWC. These items have been catalogued.

  • Southwest Conference Football Records, 1967
  • Southwest Conference Basketball Records, 1966-1972
  • Southwest Conference Football and Basketball Records, 1958-1959, 1960-1961
  • Southwest Conference Football and Basketball Records, 1964-1966
  • Southwest Conference Football and Basketball Records, 1961-1962, 1963-1964
  • Southwest Conference Football and Basketball Records, 1955-1956, 1957-1958
  • Southwest Conference Football Records, 1950-1954
  • Football '73 Southwest Conference Roster and Record Book, 1973


  • U 293.1 James A. "Bo" Grimshaw, Jr., Memorabilia, 1958-1961: This 1 box collection consists of newspaper clippings, planning notes for the annual Dolphin Aquatic Water shows and show programs from 1958-1960, a 37th Annual National Collegiate Swimming Championships program from 1960, a Dolphin Fraternity Pledge Paddle which has been signed by all the pledge members on the back (1958), and four color prints of former Tech swim team members of their wives taken from the Fall 2005 Letterman's Club meeting. Oversized items include a Texas Tech Dolphin shirt (dated 1958), an oversized poster, and a memo regarding an upcoming show (1961).
  • U 301.1 James McNally Records, 1950-2005: This 9 box collection consists of administrative files compiled by Texas Tech's first two swim team coaches, Ray Kireilis and James McNally. Included are meet results, swim schedules, recruitment files, correspondence, news clippings, and some photographs.
  • Swim Team, 1954 (see U 147.26 President's Office Records)
  • See also the Women's Athletic Council collection regarding the Women's Swim Team

University Interscholastic League


  • U 339.1 Volleyball Collection, 1974-2002: This 9 box (9.0 linear feet) collection contains trophies and various documents pertaining to Texas Tech women's volleyball teams, including scrapbooks of the women's volleyball, golf and tennis teams. The bulk of the collection is volleyball game videos.

Women's Athletic Council
The charge for the Women's Athletic Council was to act as an advisory body that would review and make recommendations to the President's Office on matters pertaining to the Women's Intercollegiate Program at Texas Tech. It consisted of nine appointed members.

  • U 380.1 Women's Athletic Council Records, 1972-1984: This 1 box collection consists of memorandums and meeting minutes of the Women's Athletic Council. It includes the council's charge and handbook, handwritten notes, reports on funding for the men's and women's athletic programs, information on an ad hoc committee considering the merger of the men and women's athletic programs, and the proposal for inclusion of the Softball Sport Club as an intercollegiate athletic sport at Texas Tech (1977).
  • Women's Athletic Council, 1974-1980 (See U 144.19 Planning Office Records)

Women's Athletics

  • S 1591.1 Jeannine McHaney Papers, 1968-1999 and undated: This 7 box collection contains files generated by McHaney while she served as director of the women’s athletics program at Texas Tech University.  The files include materials on the Double T Connection, the Southwest Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (SWAIAW), and other miscellaneous files. 
  • S 334.1 Margaret Wilson Papers, 1935-2007: This 19 box collection contains her office files, which includes various agendas, event results, handbooks, memorabilia, athletes and coaches files, regional information, activities and conference data on academic and athletic UIL events.
  • See U 23.6 Sports Information for women's athletics newsletters - Red Raider Fan-Fare Newsletter, 1983-1984; Red Raider Links Newsletter, 1993-1994; and Texas Tech Women's Sports News Newsletter, undated.
  • See U 193.3 Athletic Media Relations Scrapbooks for the Red Raider Rampage newsletters, 1979-1993.
  • Women's Athletics, 1970-1978 (see U 184.3 University News and Publications)
  • Women's Athletics, 1973-1982 (See U 144.19 Planning Office Records)
  • Women's Athletics, 1977-1978 (see U 432.1 Recreational Sports Records)
  • Women's Athletics, 1982-1984 (see U 170.1 Lauro F. Cavazos Papers)

II. Photographs

III. Scrapbooks and Memorabilia

  • U 319.1 A. J. "Jake" Broyles, 1947-1993: This one scrapbook collection consists of news clippings, photographs, certificates, letters and miscellaneous memorabilia dealing with Broyles's time on the Texas Tech Tennis team and Thomas Tinkers Basketball team. Broyles was the first tennis inductee into the TTU Hall of Honor.
  • U 299.1 Gene Carpenter Papers, 1953-1993 [Men's Basketball]
  • U 331.1 Lawrence "Shorty" France Collection, 1925-2008: This 1 wallet collection consists of loose papers and a bound collection of materials on the athletic career of Mr. France that was put together by his family for his induction into the Sulphur Springs High School Hall of Honor in 2008.  France played football at Texas Tech from 1930-1931. The collection also includes a letterman's sweater worn by France.
  • S 758.1 Murray D. Nichols Papers, 1931-1932 and undated: This scrapbook deals with the 1931 and 1932 Texas Tech football teams.
  • U 147.42 President's Office:  Scrapbook of David Edward Olsen, 1965-1966 [Men's Basketball]
  • U 300.1 Jim Reed Papers, 1948-1956 [Men's Basketball]
  • S 1666.1 Polk Robinson Papers, 1956-1961: This scrapbook contains news clippings concerning Texas Tech’s basketball coach Polk Robison, mostly from the year 1961.
  • U 23.20 Polk Robinson Collection, 2007: This 1 wallet collection consists of letters written by former TTU players on former coach Polk Robinson which were presented in a scrapbook to Robinson at the Polk Robinson Reunion on February 23-24, 2007. The items in this collection are photocopies donated by Professor Walter Huffman. Coach Robinson has the originals.
  • U 336.1 Sue Kingsbery Porter Collection, 1971-2006: This 1 box collection covers Porter's time with the Lady Raiders Basketball team. She was one of the first to play on the team.  Included are a 5 page history of the team written by Porter, tournament information and schedules, a roster of former early Lady Raiders, a scrapbook that dates from 1971-2006, and photographs [15 prints, 25 negatives, and 23 slides].
  • U328.1 Mike Simpson Scrapbook, 1961-1964 and undated:  This scrapbook is filled with Texas Tech pictures, news clippings, autographs on slips of paper and napkins, and old Tech game tickets. Most of the photographs and loose paper autographs are of former Texas Tech athletes. Included signatures are from Donny Anderson, David Parks, E. J. Holub, Harold Hugdins, Dub Malaise, Billy Tapp, Russ Wilkinson, Harold Denney, Bob Measels, Norman Reuther, Jimmy Fullerton, Glen Hallum, coach Gene Gibson, Del Ray Mounts, Rodney Teague, and Texas A&M Olympic Shot Put Star Randy Matson.
  • U 298.1 Ned Underwood Papers, 1954-2004 [Men's Basketball]
  • U 280.1 Ransom Walker Papers, 1925-1961 [Football, Men's Basketball]
  • S 1500.1 Dwayne Frank West Collection, 1953-1955: This is a scrapbook full of news clippings of West's collegiate football days playing for Texas Technological College in the mid 1950s. It includes clippings of Texas Tech’s trip to the Gator Bowl in 1954.
  • S 1219.1 Floyd Alpheaus Woolridge Papers, 1925-1966: Includes early photos of Texas Technological College and its football team.
  • U 312.1 Greg H. Westmoreland Collection, 1993-1996 This 1 box collection consists of athletic t-shirts - a) Lubbock A-J Extra! "A Slice of Heaven" Lady Raiders win of the NCAA title; b) Southwest Conference 1996 (2 items, 1 is more yellowed); c) Dr. Pepper Southwest Conference Classic; d) Lady Raiders Final Four National Champs; e) Hoopa Dallas SWC Women's Basketball Post-Season Classic XI; f) Road to the NCAA Women's Final Four 1993; g) Celebrating SWC Excellence Southwest Conference Post-Season Tournament 1996; and h) NCAA Women's Final Four Atlanta 1993.
  • O17.5 - Scrapbook of the Red Raiders vs. St. Mary’s Gaels, Cotton Bowl, January 2, 1939 [Includes the Cotton Bowl of 1994]
  • See the oversized list for athletics related materials such as posters and newspapers


  • Miscellaneous Memorabilia
  • Sport Posters and Oversized Items
  • Gene Barnett Collection, 1939 and undated: This collection contains TTU artifacts and encapsulated news clippings concerning the Cotton Bowl. Included is a small Texas Tech trophy to Barnett for the 1939 Cotton Bowl participation; a dark yellow sweater with the no. 84 on front and back; a red & black football jersey, pants, and shank coverings that were worn like socks during the 1939 football season.
  • Henry Moseley Collection, undated: This collection contains a red long sleeve wool sweater with a Double T on the front. It was worn by Moseley while a football player at Tech in the late 1930s.
  • U 285.1 Pat Thurman Memorabilia, 1949-195 0: This is 1 item collection consists of a cream colored satin baseball jacket with 2 ˝” wide red satin stripes down the shoulders to wrist, outlined in black satin piping. The donor was a cheerleader at Texas Technological College from 1949-1950. He wore the jacket during the days he served in that capacity.
  • U 287.1 Pam Fox Memorabilia, 1972: This 1 item collection consists of a white and black knit jacket with piping down left side with a black Double T emblem outlined in white stitching. The donor was a basketball player for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, a precursor to the Lady Raiders team. The jacket was worn by the donor when she played on the team.
  • U 306.2 David Hougland Collection, 1995-1999 and undated: This 2 box collection contains various TTU athletic memorabilia including autographed items [football, baseball and helmet], buttons, stickers, signs, and t-shirts. Three items from his father's collection (Donald Hougland) have been placed in this collection due to size.
  • U 323.1 Pat Marx Collection, 1993 and undated: This three item collection consists of a Lady Raiders t-shirt and button for the 1992-1993 Final Four tournament and an illustrated "character map" of Lubbock that includes business and structures.

IV. Film and Videos
At last count, the University Archives holds over 10,000 TTU sports videos/reels recordings.

V. Oral History Interviews with TTU Alumni
There are many other athletic related oral histories but the ones listed below refer specifically to TTU sports and personalities.  The dates in parenthesis refer to the date(s) of the interview.

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