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Listed below is a small sampling of some of the social and honor organization collections [both faculty, students and/or alumni] that are available for viewing in the reading room.

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IV.  Student Organizations

Adelphi (Sigma Alpha Epsilon?)
Organized in the fall of 1950, the fraternity was founded by thirteen members and admitted as a campus organization in the spring of 1950.

African Student Organization

Agricultural Club [also called the "Aggie Club"]

  • Agricultural Club Records, 1929-1933: This 1 wallet collection contains a bound ledger detailing the history and activities of the Agricultural Club.

Alpha Delta Pi
A national sorority organization.

Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Phi Omega
Organized on campus as the Eagle Scout Club in the fall of 1938, the club officially became the Beta Sigma Chapter on April 30, 1939. A service organization, APO is a national service fraternity affliated with the Boys Scouts of America. The chapter was recognized in 1942 for having the nationís largest pledging class.

  • Genaro Chavez oral history interview (1998)
  • John Gillespie oral history interview- founding local chapter (1991)
  • Alpha Phi Omega Photographs
  • Alpha Phi Omega Sound Recordings, 1966-1977: This collection of 50 reel to reel recordings was formerly cared for by Dean Lewis N. Jones, who was a former Advisory Committee Chairperson.
  • U 15.1 Alpha Phi Omega Records, 1938-2007: This 11 box collection contains correspondence, conventions packets, financial material, newsletters, meeting minutes, pamphlets, information on scouting, plaques, oversized materials and scrapbooks.
  • U 15.1 Alpha Phi Omega Photograph Collection, 1945-1992 and undated: The collection of 737 photographs contains various images of the organization's social events and community work. Included are images of Active Retreats 1/30/87, 1988; Adopt-a-City, Hale Center 3/7/87; Advisor/Active Bowl-off 3/1/87; All-University Mixer 2/17/87; Blood Drive; Bowling, 1/23/87, 1988; Car Wash; Copper Caboose 2/13/87; Fall Smoker, 1982; Food Bank 2/28/87; Going Away Party- David Miller 1988; Guadeloupe House Project 2/14/87; Homecoming 1982; Jungle Sigs Parties 1982, 1988; Kidnap Breakfast at the Kettle 2/28/87; Kiwanis Camp, Fall 1982; Little Brother/Big Brother Picnic 1988 and 4/92; Lubbock State School 1992; Meetings; National Conventions; Pajama Party 1988; Picnic at the Rec Center 2/28/87; Pledge Retreat at Camp Post 2/13/87; Program Sales 1982; Prospective Pledge Project- Scout Service Center 2/7/87; Ranching Heritage Center 1988; School House Dedication; Scouting; Second Annual Olympics 1988; Sectionals 1988; Semi-Formal Rush 1988; Signature Parties; Steak Fry, Fall 1982; and Volleyball Intramurals, 1982, 1988.
  • U 15.2 Alpha Phi Omega Records, 1952-2009: This 1 box collection contains materials from various Alpha Phi Omega conventions, both national and regional, administrative files, correspondence, fundraising and event materials, and newsletters. It also contains 63 prints.
  • Alpha Phi Omega, 1946-1969 (see U 14.1 James G. Allen Records)
  • Alpha Phi Omega, 1950-1969 - oversized items (see U 14.1 James G. Allen Records)
  • Alpha Phi Omega, 1950, 1958-1959 (see U 56.1 Dean of Men Records)
  • Alpha Phi Omega, 1969-1991 (see U 185.6 University News and Publications Records)
  • Alpha Phi Omega, 1983-2003 (See U 276.2 Center for Campus Life Records)
  • Alpha Phi Omega, 1987-1991 (see U 185.6 University News and Publication Records)
  • Alpha Phi Omega, 1995 (see U 147.46 President's Office Records)
Alpha Tau Omega

Angel Flight
Angel Flight was the female arm of the Air Force R.O.T.C. at Texas Tech. The organization was sponsored by Arnold Air Society, which was the male arm of the Air Force R.O.T.C. program.

  • U 18.1 Angel Flight Records, 1960-1986 and undated: The collection consists of 1 scrapbook, 5 boxes, and 1 wallet. It contains scrapbooks and composite portraits of the Texas Tech Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society organizations.
  • U 18.1 Angel Flight Photograph Collection, 1961: The collection, consisting of 52 prints and 46 negatives, contains group and composite portraits of the Texas Tech Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society organizations. Images concern Air Force Field Day, Baylor University Drill Competition (1961), Trip to U. S. A. F. Academy (1961), and U. S. Armed Forces Commissioning Ceremony (1973).
  • U 18.2 Angel Flight Photograph Collection, 1973-1976, 1980-83: The collection contains eight group and composite portraits of the Texas Tech Angel Flight organizations. The 1975 composite is missing some of the images.

Arnold Air Society
The Arnold Air Society was the male arm of the Air Force R.O.T.C. program. It's sister arm was the Angel Flight society, which promoted interest in the United States Air Force, strived to give college women across America knowledge and educational information concerning the military services, and aided the progress of the Arnold Air Society.

  • U 117.1 Arnold Air Society Photograph Collection, 1974-1977 and 1983-1985: The collection of 7 oversized group and composite portraits of the Texas Tech Arnold Air Society organizations.
Applied Arts Club Archaeological Society

Association of Women Students (AWS)
The Association of Women Students was organized on the Texas Tech University campus in 1931 by Mary W. Doak, Margaret Weeks and the Quarterly Club, a faculty women's organization. The organization held an annual Women's Day celebration, during which all Tech coeds wear white.

Astronomy Club

  • S ? Preston F. Gott Papers, 1947-1991 and undated: This 4 wallet collection contains information on the Texas Tech Astronomy Club and the construction of an observatory.

Beta Theta Pi
A national fraternity organization.

Biology Club

Black Law Student Association

Black Student Association

Black Students in Mass Communications

Block and Bridle Club
Sponsored by the Animal Science Department of the College of Agricultural Sciences, the Block and Bridle Club was an organization made up of undergraduate and graduate students who supported the livestock industry and the Animal Science Dept. Activities included an annual ham and turkey sale, the Annual Little International All University Livestock Show and Judging Contest, an banquet, and presentations of scholarships to members. The national chapter of Block and Bridle Club was formed in 1919 in Chicago, Illinois. The Texas Tech chapter was a major sponsor of the All-College Rodeo, which began in 1930, and Western Days, which began in 1946.

  • Block and Bridle Club Photographs
  • U 211.1 Block and Bridle Club Records, 1933-1981 and undated: The 2 box collection consists of various files, reports, newspaper clippings, scrapbook materials, and photographs pertaining to the everyday activities of the Block and Bridle Club at Texas Tech University.
  • U 211.1 Block and Bridle Club Photograph Collection, 1937-1974 and undated: The collection consists of 219 prints of various people involved in Block and Bridle club activities, as well as images of the Tech campus and activities such as rodeos. The images were taken out of Annual Reports as they had become loose and were falling out of the reports. Included are images of campus buildings such as the Dairy Barn, bull riding, cattle, dances, people gambling, hogs, horses, Little International All University Livestock Show and Judging Contest, Meat Judging Teams, meat sales, milking parlor, musicians, parades, sheep, sheep judging, and trophies. Persons pictured are Ray, Burkhart, Cecil Horne, W. L. Stangel, and Palmer Willis. Some of the images in this collection have been digitized and are viewable here.
  • See U 12.3 Agricultural Sciences College Collection, 1951-1952: This 1 wallet collection consists of memorabilia found tucked inside a 1952 La Ventana, including a 4th prize ribbon for the 4th Annual Block and Bridle Little Invitational; 5 news clippings; and a group portrait the Block & Bridle All-College softball champions (1952?).
  • Block and Bridle, 1953-1974 (see S 977.1 W. L. Stangel Papers, 1888-1975)
  • Block and Bridle, 1937-1944 (see U 195.1 Animal Husbandry Records)
Board of Student Organizations Centaur Club (Phi Kappa Psi?)
Organized in 1929, the Centaur Club was the first men's social club on campus to be comprised solely of college students.

Channing Club

  • U 41.1 Channing Club Records, 1970: This is a 1 wallet collection.


  • Elmer Moore oral history interview (1981)

Chi Omega
A national sorority organization.

College Club (Kappa Sigma?)
Organized on November 21, 1928, College Club was the oldest men's fraternity on the Texas Tech campus by 1952.
  • See Kappa Sigma

Collegium: Women's Independent Association

Cosmopolitan Club

Council of Women Graduates

DFD (Delta Delta Delta?)
Founded at Texas Tech on March 2, 1930, DFD was the only campus organization with a name and meaning only known to its members.

Delta Gamma

Delta Tau Delta

Delta Upsilon

Delta Zeta

Engineers' Council for Professional Development

Engineering Student Council

Eta Sigma Phi

Fraternities and Sororities

Gamma Phi Beta

Gamma Sigma Delta

Gargoyle Club
The purpose of this organization was to promote knowledge of art and architecture. It's members had to be registered for an architecture course.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Student Association

Gay-Straight Alliance

  • U 417.1 Gay-Straight Alliance, 2014-2015: 1 oversized folder containing newspaper clippings, programs and posters related to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community at Texas Tech.

German Club

German Dancers
The German Dancers folk dance group was established in 1978. The group's name was changed in 1982 to the Texas Tech German Dancers.

High Riders
The High Riders is a women's spirit organization for Texas Tech University who helps to promote unity and support for the Women's Athletics Program as well as for other Texas Tech activities. The female counterpart to the Saddle Tramps, this group supports women's athletics. The High Riders became an official Tech support group on Nov. 2, 1976. They take part in parades and various campus events and ring the Victory Bells after women's teams win.

  • U 195.1 High Riders Records, 1976-1991: This 3 box collection contains 6 scrapbooks with photographs and news clippings detailing the High Riders' activities.
  • U 195.2 High Riders Records, undated: This 2 box collection contains 17 sweaters of three different styles for the High Riders organization.
  • High Riders, 1983-2006 (See U 276.2 Center for Campus Life Records)
  • High Riders Organization, 1998-1999 (see U 147.44 Office of the President Records)

Hispanic Student Society
Founded in 1968 by Hispanics who joined together to promote service to Texas Tech and the Lubbock Community, the Hispanic Student Society is the university's oldest Hispanic organization. Originally called Los Tertulianos, or "members of a club," the organization used to participate in different types of demonstrations and sit-ins, particularly in those where issues of racial discrimination and segregation were concerned. In 1980, the organization changed its name to the United Mexican American Students (UMAS), which sought to promote friendship and leadership, and participated in many large Mexican dances and Mexican celebrations. A third name change occurred in the fall of 1984, when the organization became the Hispanic Student Society to reflect the change from its radical predecessors to its current conservative presence.

Infantry Club

  • U 410.1 Infantry Club, 1956: This 1 wallet collection consists of the constitution of the Infantry Club.
  • Infantry Club, 1948-1962(See U 14.1 James G. Allen Records)

Inter-Club Council

Intercollegiate Association of Women Students

Inter-fraternity Council

International Association of Women Students

International Relations Club

International Student Union
The International Student Services Office (ISSO) coordinated programs of special interest and benefit to foreign students. The programs were designed to encourage a true involvement in American Society rather than superficial exposure and included the Homestay, Welcome, Host family, Host student and Wives programs. The ISSO was directed by Jon Hartshorne (1968-69) and Robert Burnett (1969-1972).

  • U 103.1 International Student Union Records, 1968-1972: This 1 wallet collection contains correspondence, programs, orientation materials, handbooks as well as foreign student and professor rosters.

Kappa Alpha Order

Kappa Alpha Mu

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Kappa Gamma
A national women's fraternity.

Kappa Phi Kappa

Kappa Kappa Psi

Kappa Sigma (formerly College Club)

Kemas (Phi Gamma Delta)
Organized in 1932, the fraternity's name, Kemas, was an Indian word meaning friend.

Knight Riders

  • U325.1 Knight Riders Collection, 2006-2007: This 1 box collection contains news clippings and information on the Texas Tech chess team, named the Knight Riders, as well as the SPICE chess group.
  • Knight Riders Chess Club, 1974-2006 (See U 276.2 Center for Campus Life Records)
  • Texas Tech Chess Club, 1956 (See U 14.1 James G. Allen Records)

Ko Shari Club
The Ko-Shari Club was a social organization for Texas Tech Co-eds. It was originally known as the Gadabout Club and later as Les Cigales. The club used southwestern Indian motifs, inspired by Adolph Bandalier's "The Delight Makers." It disbanded in 1952 when national sororities were established at Texas Tech.

Las Armonias

Las Leales

Latin American Students

Lambda Chi Alpha

Los Camaradas (see also Pi Kappa Alpha?)

Los Chicanos Club

Los Tertulianos
Texas Tech's first minority student organization.

Mariachi Raider Rojos

Masked Rider
As early as 1936, an unidentified masked rider, wearing a scarlet satin cape, circled the field on a "borrowed" palomino stallion, then rode off into the night to return his steed before anyone discovered its absence.  The Masked Rider tradition began officially in January 1, 1954, when Joe Kirk Fulton rode his horse on the field during the Gator Bowl at Jacksonville, Florida. Unofficially, the Masked Rider had been sneaking onto the Tech football field since the 1930ís and 1940ís. Since then the official masked rider has been a long time tradition for Texas Tech, and the rules for performance on the field has changed as well as the costume itself.

The timeline for the various mascots and the horses they rode is as follows:  Joe Kirk Fulton (1953-56, he rode Blackie and Pretty Day); Douglas "Dink" Wilson (1964-66, he rode Charcoal Cody); Johnny Bob Carruth (1968-70, he Charcoal Cody); Tommy Martin (1970-71, he rode Charcoal Cody); Anne Lynch (1974-75, she rode Happy V); Jess Wall (1976-77, he rode Happy V); Larry Cade (1977-78, he rode Happy V); Kurt Harris (1981-82, he rode Happy VI-VII); Perry Joe Church (1982-83, he rode Happy VI-VII); Jennifer Aufill (1983-84, she rode Happy VI-VII); Kim Saunders (1987-88, she rode Midnight Raider); Tonya Tinnin (1989-90, she rode Midnight Raider); Blaine Lemons (1990-91, he rode Midnight Raider); Ralynn Key (1991-92; she rode Midnight Raider); Lisa Gilbreath (1993-95, she rode Double T); Amy Smart (1994-95, she rode Double T, Hoot Owl, and Two Bar Boy); Jolynn Self (1995-96, she rode High Red); Becky McDougal (1997-98, she rode High Red and Black Phantom Raider); and Dusty Abney (1998-99, he rode Black Phantom Raider).

Medical School- Tech Medical Spouse Association
The Texas Tech School of Medicine chapter of WA-SAMA (Womenís Auxiliary of the Student American Medical Association) formed in 1972. The chapter was not only the first medical student spousesí organization at Texas Tech, but also the first WA-SAMA chapter in the state of Texas. A group of doctorsí wives from the Lubbock-Crosby-Garza medical auxiliary assisted in the formation of the Tech chapter of WA-SAMA.

Men's interclub Council

Mexican American Student Organization

Modern Dance Club

Miller Girls

Omicron Delta Kappa


Peace Corps

  • U 138.1 Peace Corps Records, 1966 and undated: This 2 wallet collection contains printed material concerning the Peace Corps from 1965-1966.

Pi Beta Phi
An international fraternity for women's.

Pi Kappa Alpha (formerly Los Camaradas)

Phi Beta Mu

Phi Delta Gamma

Phi Delta Kappa
Phi Delta Kappa is a professional organization for educators.

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Epsilon Kappa
A national fraternity for the field of health, physical education, recreation and related fields.

Phi Gamma Delta (formerly Kemas)
Organized in 1932, the fraternity's name, Kemas, was an Indian word meaning friend.

Phi Kappa Psi (formerly Centaurs Club)

Phi Sigma Kappa

Phi Psi
Phi Psi Fraternity was started at the Philadelphia College of Textile Science in 1903. Chapters were created at other textile schools, including the Kappa Chapter at Texas Technological College in 1931. The fraternity promoted textile education and continued professionalism in a career in textile manufacturing. The Kappa chapter closed at Texas Tech due to the discontinuation of a textile engineering program and ensuing lack of textile students.

Purple T Club
Founded in the spring of 1948, the Purple T Club was comprised of ex-students of John Tarleton College who enrolled in Tech.

Raider Red

Raider Rojos
Raider Rojos is a national alumni organization focused on promoting the retention and graduation of Hispanic students at Texas Tech.

  • U 418.1 Raider Rojos Collection, 2008-2011: Consists of oversized laminated items from the Hispanic Graduation Convocation exhibit, which included photographs and "Memorias" of the graduating seniors; and posters for the 2011 golf tournament and the 3rd annual cultural awareness seminar (2008).
  • Raider Rojos, 2001 (see U 147.44 President's Office Records)
  • Raider Rojos, 2001-2002 (see U 147.45 President's Office Records)

Red Raider

Residence Halls Association
The annual Carol of Lights event began in 1959, featuring the singing of Christmas carols and lighting of thousand of lights on campus buildings. The origins for the event came from Texas Tech's first Christmas in 1925, when a December Christmas pageant was held at the south end of the Administration bldg.

Rodeo Association
The Texas Tech Rodeo Association was established to promote collegiate interest in rodeo activities, continue the western heritage traditions, and to sponsor a inter-collegiate rodeo team.

Saddle Tramps
Organized in 1936, the Saddle Tramps was a created to promote school spirit, uphold college traditions, and help with athletic contests and pep rallies.

Sans Souci
Meaning "without care" in French, Sans Souci was a women's social organization.

  • S ? Roberta Myrick Papers, 1931: This scrapbook is filled with news clippings, invitations, ticket stubs, programs, hand notes of events Myrick attended such as the San Souci club and Texas Tech alumni club.

Science Club

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (formerly Adelphi)

Sigma Chi

Sigma Kappa
A women's fraternity.

Sigma Nu (formerly Socii?)

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Silver Key Club
The fraternity was organized in 1929.

Socii (Sigma Nu?)
Formed in 1937, Socii was a social organization based after one that existed at Oxford University during the 18th century.

Student Government Association (see also Student Senate)
Texas Tech Student Government Association is an organization working to meet the needs of Tech students, and consists of four main branches: the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, Freshman Council, and the Judicial Branch. Each part of the Student Government Association is continually working together to serve the needs of the student body. Additionally, it also serve as a liaison between the students and administrators as well as the city of Lubbock.

  • Student Association Procedures, 1984 - 3 bound volumes. Volume 3 also contains a History of Student Government written for the Institutional Self-Study Report (chapter 16 pages 834-861) and an index to the SA procedures (pages 871-879).
  • Student Association Code, 1965-1989 - Bound index and 8 bound volumes covering Student Association bills enacted, #1-685.
  • Student Association Photographs
  • U 170.1 Student Association Records, 1966-1971: This 1 box collection contains materials of the Student Association, such as Supreme Court appointments, roster, minutes to meetings, senate files, Student Senate Legislative Bills, Senate handbook, photographs, and other financial material.
  • U 170.2 Student Government Association Photograph Collection, circa 1993?: The 16 print and 19 negative collection consists of images of a cookout by the Student Association on the west corner of the University Center. Includes images of students, the band, and Raider Red at the cookout.
  • U 170.3 Student Association Records, 1977-1992: The 3 box collection consists of the organization's Constitution and a Student Bill of Rights, materials related to organizations funded, expensed budget summaries, and campus organizations spending histories.
  • U 170.3 Student Government Association Photograph Collection, 1983-1990 and undated: The collection consists of 207 prints, 216 negatives, and 12 contact sheets. It contains a wide variety of images pertaining to the activities of Texas Tech's Student Association, the Tech campus, individual and group portraits of Student Government Association members and officers, extracurricular activities, numerous sporting events, fraternity and sororities events, Ms. Fall Rush (1990), and various portraits of people. Included are images of the Goin' Band, the Blarney Stone, fences, fraternities and sororities, Raider Red, Texas Opera Theatre. Sports include baseball, basketball, bowling, football, golf, gymnastics, polo, water skiing, tennis, track and field, and volleyball, weightlifting, and wrestling. Some of the people pictured include Texas Tech presidents Lauro F. Cavazos and Robert Lawless; athletic director James T. Jones; and athletes Jim Hart, Robert Lewis, Vince Taylor.
  • U 170.4 Student Government Association Records, 1993-2001: This 1 box collection consists of materials related to student elections and results, schedules, student senate and council meeting minutes, and planning information.
  • U 170.5 Student Government Association Records, 1985-2011 and undated: This 4 box collection includes student elections and results, Student Senate activities, various student and campus committees, and planning and update files on student fees, campus transportation and parking, and athletics. The collection also contains numerous recordings in the form of 6 CDs, 27 disks and 19 microcassettes, as well as 54 photographs.
  • Student Council, 1930-1931 (see U 147.5 President's Office)
  • Student Council, 1932-1937 (See U 147.13 President's Office Records)
  • Student Council, 1938-1943 (See U 147.17 President's Office Records)
  • Student Association Constitution, 1943-1945 (See U 455.1 William Curry Holden and Frances Mayhugh Holden Papers)
  • Student Council, 1943-1958 (see 35.2 Vice President for Business Affairs)
  • Student Council, 1950-1958 (see U 147.26 President's Office Records)
  • Student Council, 1954-1965 (See U 14.1 James G. Allen Records)
  • Student Council, 1954-1957 (see S 977.1 W. L. Stangel Papers, 1888-1975)
  • Student Council, 1957, 1959-1962 (see U 56.1 Dean of Men Records)
  • Student Council news clippings, 1961-1962 (see U 163.1 Scrapbooks)
  • Student Council, 1963-1966 (See U 147.33 President's Office Records)
  • Student Association, 1961-1974 (See U 144.19 Planning Office Records)
  • Student Association, 1967-1973 and Student Council, 1964-1970 (see U 100.11 Information Services Records)
  • Student Association, 1968-1986 (see U 170.2 Lauro F. Cavazos Papers)
  • Student Association, 1973-1981 (see U 147.9 President's Office Records)
  • Student Association, 1976, 1993-1997 (see U 9.2 Dean of Students Records)
  • Student Government Association, 1992--2000 (See U 274.2 Student Activities Records, 1947-2011 and undated)

Student Dairy Association Arm Patch
The Patch was used by the donorís (Susan Kincaid) maternal grandfather, Raymond Reed, when he was a student at Texas Technological College in the 1920ís.

  • U 171.1 Student Dairy Association Arm Patch, 1920s: This 1 wallet collection contains a patch bearing the label "Texas Tech SDA".

Student Organization for Black Unity (SOBU)
The Student Organization for Black Unity was organized in 1967 as the student organization for unity and leadership.

Student Organization for Unity and Leadership (SOUL)

Student Publications

  • Student Publications Photographs
  • U 175.1 Student Publications Records, 1937-1963: This 3 box collection contains negatives and transparencies produced by Texas Tech Students.  It also contains La Ventana negatives, photo logs, and a yearbook. 

Student Senate (see also Student Government Association)

Tau Beta Sigma

Tech Accounting Society

  • U 177.1 Tech Accounting Society Records, 1954-1975: This is 1 wallet collection contains the organization's constitutions, minutes, member rosters, correspondence and financial statements.

Texas Tech 4-H Club

Texas Tech Engineering Society

Tech Association of Black Journalists

Texas Tech Barbell Club

Texas Tech Engineering Society

Texas Tech Press Club

Texas Tech Radio Club

Texas Tech Rifle Club

Texas Tech 4-H Club

Texas Tech War Veterans Association

Textile Engineering Society

Threshold: Women's Liberation

  • U 407.1 Threshold: Women's Liberation newsletter, undated: The origin of this newsletter is unknown and may date from the 1970s. It addresses civil rights for gays and feminist rights for women in Lubbock, Texas.

Visions of Light Gospel Choir

Women's Inter-Club Council

Women's Recreation Association

Women's Service Organization
The Women's Service Organization  (WSO) evolved from a 1959 committee of the Association of Women Students.  Its members continue to participate in a wide variety of campus projects.

Wranglers Club
The Wranglers fraternity was organized at Texas Tech on October 21, 1929 and continued until May 30, 1953.

Zeta Tau Alpha
Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, on October 15, 1898. It became the first sorority to be chartered in Virginia in 1902 and later, in 1909, became a member of the National Panhellenic Conference. Members of Las Vivarachas social club at Texas Technological College became pledges of the Gamma Tau Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha on December 5, 1952, and were initiated as member in April, 1953.

Young Women's Christian Association


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