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Index to the University Daily / Daily Toreador Newspaper, 1995-2007

The following is an index University Daily/Daily Toreador, the official newspaper for Texas Tech University. Each of the citations below include the date, page #/column, and description.

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Subjects starting with "D"

Dads and Moms Association l Dan Law Field l Dean of Students l Demonstrations l Design Communication Department l Dining Halls l Distance Education l Diversity l Donations - Fund Raising

Dads and Moms Association [See Also:  Texas Tech Association of Parents]

8-27-96           5:1                         Dads and Moms Association keeps parents involved

10-18-96         3:1                         Family Day gives parents glimpse of college life

10-21-96         6:1                         Parents experience student life during Family Weekend

3-4-97             3:1                         Spring SpeTECHular honors faculty (Baker, Morris, Rechner)

10-29-99         1:2                         Contest gives students chance at free tuition

Dan Law Field

9-19-95           3:1                         Renovations aid in recruitment

Dean of Students

10-5-95           1:1                         Another candidate interviewed for post (Asst. Dean)

10-9-95           1:1                         Interviews for assistant dean conclude; position carries new responsibilities

10-20-95         1:1                         Elkins picked for assistant deanís job

12-1-95           3:1                         Interviews begin for new assistant dean

12-5-95           1:1                         Panel interviews third candidate for assistant deanís position

12-6-95           1:1                         Assistant dean interviews end with semester

6-18-96           1:2                         Assistant dean to start soon; focus on freshmen

11-3-97           1:1                         Interpreter helps Tech students in class

6-5-98             4:1                         Schulz named as assistant dean of students for Greek life

12-2-98           1:1                         Day to leave position in deanĎs office

3-2-99             2:3                         Group trained to advise students (Student Judicial Advisors)

6-18-99           2:2                         Schulz resigns from Dean of Students position; job to be filled by fall term

6-6-00             1:3                         Lending a helping hand; faculty, staff take summer sign language courses

2-27-01           1:5                         Officials looking for Dean


11-12-98         1:1                         Protesters spread graphic message; demonstrators voice opinion on controversial issue (abortion)

Design Communication Department

10-13-99         2:1                         Department plans to design new look

10-15-99         2:2                         Professor steps up during departmentís transition

Dining Halls

9-14-95           3:1                         Dining halls display menu cards

Distance Education

4-8-97             4:1                         Long distance learning; students from fourteen countries benefit from Techís computerized classroom

6-8-97             4:1                         Video technology allows for interstate teaching

11-29-99         2:1                         Distance-learning program offers alternative classroom (TTU Independent School District)

8-28-00           B3:4                       Distance-learning program offers alternative classroom (TTU Independent School District)

1-30-01           3:1                         Tech distance learning patrons up


2-28-07           2:2                         Diversity awards recognize leaders on campus (Excellence in Diversity and Equality Award)

Donations - Fund Raising

2-3-97             1:1                         Tech officials work to increase academic funds

2-3-97             1:6                         Company gives Tech $4M; Southwestern Bell donates to academics

2-11-97           1:1                         Capital Campaign raises Tech support; administration works to increase endowment

3-6-97             1:1                         Tech hopes for boost in campaign program

3-13-97           1:1                         Mixed feelings expressed among Tech donors

6-1-97             5:1                         Ex-student donates to electrical engineering

6-29-97           1:1                         Tech may receive portion of Bollockís funds

10-8-97           1:5                         Local leaders donate to HSC

10-13-97         1:1                         Former student gives gift to college

11-7-97           3:1                         Montford kicks off Tech rodeo with $10,000 donation

11-11-97         2:1                         Tech receives $1M donation from local people

11-14-97         2:1                         Tech professor gives gift to college

11-24-97         1:1                         Former Techsan donates $1M to university

11-25-97         1:1                         Tech college TTUHSU receive donation from graduates

12-10-97         1:2                         Tech graduate donates $1M to college

1-14-98           1:4                         Bullock donates excess campaign money to Tech

1-22-98           1:4                         Ex-Techsan gives to university campaign

1-28-98           1:5                         Groups donate to Honors Program

2-6-98             1:2                         Parents give donation to Tech colleges

2-9-98             1:1                         Houston group donates to fund faculty positions

2-10-98           1:1                         Techís spending habits attract donor

3-10-98           2:2                         TI donates $1M to college

3-11-98           1:2                         Tech graduate gives to pavilion fund

3-12-98           1:2                         Law school receives gift

4-3-98             3:1                         IBM donates super computer

4-14-98           1:2                         Museum receives substantial donation

4-22-98           1:1                         Graduate gives donation to college

4-23-98           1:1                         Students call on alumni for Tech support

4-29-98           3:1                         Gift creates grad scholarships

6-12-98           5:1                         Couple makes $1.1M donation to Tech

7-10-98           1:1                         Chemistry benefits from $500,000 gift

7-16-98           5:1                         Tech geology receives $10,000 donation

8-31-98           1:1                         Campus:  Campaign receives $1.5M

9-2-98             1:5                         Tech rakes in new donations

9-4-98             1:1                         Alumni donations on the rise

9-24-98           2:1                         TI gives gifts to students

9-24-98           3:1                         Project celebrates graduating class

11-3-98           1:2                         Couple gives $1M to COBA; donation to be used to create faculty job; gives students hands on experience

1-27-99           1:3                         Seniors present project

2-18-99           2:1                         Millennium Committee answers questions from student in UC

3-5-99             5:1                         Ferris inducted into order; Tech alumnus awarded for donation Given

4-6-99             1:4                         University receives $40,000 in various grants, scholarships

4-6-99             3:3                         senior students rally together to give gift

4-9-99             1:5                         Tech engineers receive funding

4-28-99           2:1                         Millennium Committee seeking seniors

5-4-99             1:1                         Campus groups donate to Millennium Project

9-15-99           1:5                         Seniors organize class gift

10-13-99         1:2                         Senior class turns back time with class gift

7-18-00           1:1                         Couple donates $1M to benefit College of Engineering

9-15-00           1:2                         Endowment is on the Horizon (Gift of Jane Winer and Monty  Strauss)

9-21-00           1:5                         Jones SBC receives generosity (City Bank Gift)


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