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Index to the University Daily / Daily Toreador Newspaper, 1995-2001

The following is an index University Daily/Daily Toreador, the official newspaper for Texas Tech University. Each of the citations below include the date, page #/column, and description.

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Water Ski Team

4-26-99           1:1                         New waves:  Tech’s water ski team now practicing on home turf


1-31-00           3:1                         Canceling of classes rare on campus

11-8-00           1:3                         Snowy blanked disguises Raiderland


2-28-07           1:2                         Authorities say foxes roaming campus not a threat

Winter Guard

4-6-00             5:1                         Winter Guard team to show colors to world


11-16-95         1:4                         Forum discusses feminism, roles

11-29-95         1:2                         Tech female deans discuss women’s roles in universities

10-25-96         1:2                         Flame burns for survivors; Lubbock vigil honors women involved in domestic violence

2-4-99             3:1                         Women’s Leadership forum presented on campus

2-8-99             2:5                         Petitions call for feminine hygiene dispensers, products on campus

3-5-99             3:X                         Space committee to review petitions

9-23-99           21                          Feminine product dispensers install after petitions signed

9-24-99           8:1                         Women in Sports-it’s not just a game

9-27-99           4:2                         Women’s column to inform on health issues, interests

10-28-99         1:5                         Tech students honor victims (Women’s Protective Services’ Day of Silence)

2-9-00             2:1                         Women, girls sports day to promote exercising, health

Women’s Studies

2-19-96           3:3                         Conference focuses on adding classes, funding woes

3-12-96           5:1                         More female leadership focus of conference

4-24-96           4:3                         Tech program offers new courses, not degree

10-16-96         1:3                         Program expands community relations

4-14-97           1:3                         Conference addresses women’s struggles

11-6-97           3:1                         Program offers different outlook

4-17-98           3:1                         Women’s conference honors Tech artist

4-20-98           1:1                         Ireland tells message of empowerment

4-22-99           3:1                         Music professor to receive Artist of Year

4-22-99           3:3                         Women’s conferences begins today

4-23-99           2:1                         Author to address Tech students

10-7-99           3:1                         Help on way for domestic violence sufferers; proclamation shows Texas Tech’s support in battle stop spousal abuse

10-26-99         2:1                         Women’s studies recognized for promotion of Tech women

3-1-00             2:2                         Program links Tech, Lubbock women together (Women’s Studies Community Connection)

4-5-00             2:2                         Tech conference to honor women in higher education

10-5-00           2:2                         Haley beings to light women’s issue (Community Connection Reception)

11-8-00           2:5                         Career mentoring offered by program

11-17-00         3:1                         Program aims at women (Women’ Leadership Program)

2-14-01           1:6                         Women to study images


9-25-98           1:5                         UMC, Tech task force fights Y2K

11-30-98         1:1                         Tech , HSC officials hope to eliminate campus Y2K problems by end of year

5-28-98           1:1                         Health Sciences Center establishes a task force with UMC to ensure systems compliance

5-28-98           1:3                         Texas Tech Police Department works on updating computer systems before it is too late

11-5-99           1:2                         Tech prepared for year 2000


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