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Below are historical tidbits on the establishment and growth of Texas Tech University.

Index to the University Daily / Daily Toreador Newspaper, 1995-2001

The following is an index University Daily/Daily Toreador, the official newspaper for Texas Tech University. Each of the citations below include the date, page #/column, and description.

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Institute for Environmental and Human Health

4-24-97           3:5                         Tech officials name director for environmental institute

10-11-97         1:3                         Institute turns to donations

11-20-97         1:1                         Tech institute receives state grant

1-14-98           1:4                         State grants fund research institute

1-20-98           2:1                         Institute could ‘put Lubbock on the world map’


11-10-95         1:1                         More than $7M left in faculty reserves

9-3-96             3:1                         Student insurance option often ignored

International Center for Informatics Research

3-27-96           3:1                         Structure of computer-assisted data main goal of new Tech research center

International Conference on Desert Development

8-13-96           3:1                         International conference on campus; arid, semiarid studies bring global Audience to Lubbock

10-11-96         1:1                         Cultural center opens, educates students

3-13-98           1:2                         Tech cultural center opens international library

10-27-98         3:1                         Film series features begin Thursday

4-9-99             2:3                         Bosnia history explored through library exhibit

9-8-99             5:1                         Exhibit celebrates ‘deeply-rooted’ German culture in Llano Estacado

10-13-99         8:1                         Haunting, eerie art on display; Day of the Dead celebrates through exhibit

11-17-99         3:1                         Religious icon exhibit displays sacred meaning through art

2-21-00           1:3                         ICC served up international flair

4-5-00             5:2                         International Culture Center to sponsor poetry readying (Yeotashenko)

9-12-00           1:2                         Llano Estacado essence caught in photo exhibit

10-3-00           1:6                         Archive unique (CNN archive)

10-26-00         1:2                         War vet visits Tech to discuss government’s use of soldiers (Ret. Lt. Gen. Harold Moore)

11-1-00           3:1                         Region celebrates Day of the Dead

1-31-01           5:3                         Watercolor exhibit keeps it real (Joe Bilello)

International Students

2-16-96           6:1                         Food Fest opens cultural doors to Tech students

4-24-96           5:1                         Learning U.S. culture first hand

2-6-97             1:1                         Tech’s global appeal may decline

10-6-99           1:2                         No decline in foreign entrants; students unaffected by strained U.S.-China relations

10-11-99         5:1                         Students show African style (Fashion show sponsored by African Students Association)

10-13-99         1:2                         Language evaluation part of foreign admissions

10-23-00         1:6                         Raiders impact Yemen

International Studies Program

1-31-97           1:1                         Studying abroad offers students chance for unique experiences

International Week

2-19-96           1:1                         Food festival entertains, satisfies

2-21-96           1:1                         Flags on parade; International week celebrations begin

2-22-96           1:1                         Turkish duo tells folklore tales

2-23-96           5:1                         International Week brings samplings of food, culture to Tech students

3-3-97             3:3                         Out of this world; International Week presents celebration of diversity

3-3-97             3:3                         UC food festival highlights global cuisine, culture

3-7-97             3:1                         Tech’s International Week activities end with success

2-26-98           2:1                         International Flair; week gives Tech students taste of different cultures from around world

3-6-98             8:1                         Week celebrates world culture

2-15-99           5:3                         International week kicks off today

2-17-99           1:2                         World of Colors:  International Week gives flair of culture

2-22-99           2:4                         Week ends with fashion

3-1-99             3:1                         International Week ends with full belly

2-25-00           2:1                         Festival serves up different tastes

2-28-00           7:1                         Food Festival brings cultures together

2-29-00           1:2                         Tech showcases international variety during week


11-13-96         3:3                         Students discuss Internet indecency issues

7-17-98           1:1                         Junk e-mailers pollute Tech

7-31-98           1:5                         Internet classes appear

9-8-98             7:2                         Student site designed to be insight to Tech (Gunsup.com)

9-25-98           1:1                         Caution:  Internet scams target student scholarships

8-30-99           B1:1                       Online or in line:  Students surf web as alternative to traditional book buying

11-23-99         1:2                         Professors, companies class on noteworthy issue (Online lecture notes)

12-6-99           2:1                         Students’ writing suffering since inception of Internet

2-23-00           1:2                         New Web voting method to be put to test for upcoming SGA  elections

4-5-00             1:4                         Online notes stirring copyright concerns

9-12-00           3:5                         Students now able to surf, save (Textbooks, sellitback.com)

9-13-00           1:2                         Point-click banking (vantagebank.com)

11-9-00           1:6                         Info sitting at students’ fingertips (Web-based electronic calendar)

1-19-01           1:5                         Web classes make move to Internet


12-3-96           3:2                         Internships provide needed experience

11-19-98         3:5                         Internships provide hands-on experience

4-2-99             2:3                         Internship gives work experience to students (Congressional)

10-25-99         2:5                         Internships can provide valuable work experience

10-30-99         3:1                         Internships valuable asset

11-6-00           3:1                         Congressional intern applications available

Intramural Sports [Wednesday issues have intramural results]

9-28-99           2:2                         Intramurals have highest participation rates in state

10-6-00           1:2                         Resolution gives Red Raider students right to play


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