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Below are historical tidbits on the establishment and growth of Texas Tech University.

Index to the University Daily / Daily Toreador Newspaper, 1995-2001

The following is an index University Daily/Daily Toreador, the official newspaper for Texas Tech University. Each of the citations below include the date, page #/column, and description.

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9-1-95             7:3                         KOHM joins food band to feed Lubbock

2-28-96           4:1                         Public-supported station solicits donors

7-30-96           4:1                         KOHM quietly absent from airwaves

8-13-96           4:3                         KOHM-FM returns to airwaves after month

8-26-96           C5:1                       Campus radio stations give listeners choice

8-30-97           9:1                         Radio stations celebrate birthdays

2-2-98             3:1                         KOHM-89.1 celebrates 10 years of broadcasting in ribbon cutting ceremony

7-9-99             1:1                         Radio stations down but not out of funding

8-30-99           C3:1                       Classical station KOHM moving to new location

10-21-99         1:2                         Fund raiser pumps up volume for local station

4-20-00           1:2                         New KOHM location to place station in public view


4-29-96           6:5                         Simpson named KTXT station director

4-30-96           1:5                         ĎAlternativeí faces music

8-26-96           C5:1                       Campus radio stations give listeners choice

8-26-96           C5:3                       KTXT deejay spins fatherís tunes

4-25-97           1:1                         Gutierrez achieves disc-jockey dream

4-30-97           9:1                         Radio stations celebrate birthdays

6-19-98           3:1                         Lubbock radio lacks competition, interest

8-31-98           4:1                         Lifestyles:  Locked on the left

3-11-99           X:X                        Lock it to the left-online; KTXT stretches itís arms to the world via the Internet

2-7-00             3:2                         Radio talk show puts love on air

3-31-00           6:1                         KTXT to celebrate 39 years

4-21-00           1:2                         Lloyd named KTXT station manager


2-13-98           5:1                         Techís TV station hosts telethon

3-13-98           3:1                         KTXT-TV conducts telethon to raise funds

2-23-99           1:1                         Artistsí fuse talents for charity

8-30-99           C6:1                       Campus TV station seeks student helpers

3-1-00             6:1                         Fund-raiser keeps station on air


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