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Below are historical tidbits on the establishment and growth of Texas Tech University.

Index to the University Daily / Daily Toreador Newspaper, 1995-2001

The following is an index University Daily/Daily Toreador, the official newspaper for Texas Tech University. Each of the citations below include the date, page #/column, and description.

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Off Campus Living

2-18-99           3:1                         Fair introduces off-campus living

Office of Cultural Diversity

9-12-00           1:2                         Students capitalize on cultural diversity (Reception)

Office of Facilities Planning

9-21-99           1:2                         Audit reveals problems, errors

9-23-99           1:5                         Changes made in response to audit

10-22-99         1:2                         Mann:  Misuse of funds necessary

Office of New Student Relations

9-26-95           3:5                         Presidentís select helps recruitment

Office of Research Services

3-12-96           3:1                         Office aids in production of ideas;  Patent office sees applicant increase

Office of Student Affairs

9-8-97             XX                         Supplement:  Student Affairs

1-29-98           5:1                         Keim stresses adaptability in life, student affairs

9-28-99           1:5                         Shonrock named interim VP

2-2-00             1:2                         Shonrock steps in to fill Ewalt's shoes

1-30-01           1:6                         Shonrock could net VP status

Office of Technology Transfer

9-10-98           1:1                         Tech, HSC officials create position to protect research

Ombudsman Office

6-20-00           1:1                         New office mission to aid students

1-12-01           1:4                         Ombudsman office tackles trying issue


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