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Below are historical tidbits on the establishment and growth of Texas Tech University.

Index to the University Daily / Daily Toreador Newspaper, 1995-2001

The following is an index University Daily/Daily Toreador, the official newspaper for Texas Tech University. Each of the citations below include the date, page #/column, and description.

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Natural High Program

9-8-95             4:2                         Students may opt for natural high

New Student Orientation

6-14-96           3:1                         Tech prepares incoming freshman with orientation

1-15-97           4:1                         Freshman find college adjustments

6-17-97           4:1                         Orientation offers activities, information for all

7-11-97           1:2                         Spotlight on new students

7-16-98           1:1                         Freshman learn ropes at Tech orientation

2-3-99             6:1                         Double T crew taking applications for leaders

6-15-99           1:5                         Online registration awaits new students

6-23-00           5:1                         Sessions prepare students for college life, boost confidence

2-7-01             3:5                         Double-T Crew members sought for summer help

News and Publications Office

3-4-98             1:1                         Media office plans change

10-15-98         1:1                         Media office reorganizes top position

Non-Traditional Students

9-28-95           1:1                         Non-traditional student enrollment rises

8-29-96           3:1                         Students find niche, unity at Tech

2-5-97             3:1                         Non-traditional group offers campus support

11-12-98         1:1                         Non-traditional students meet

1-27-99           1:3                         NTSA meets at chancellorís house

9-17-99           6:1                         Non-traditional students are back for more

3-2-00             3:1                         Senior citizens find niche at Tech

Nursing, School of

9-22-98           2:1                         Nursing school receives aid to expand


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